Lessons of home training

When we fall in love, we accept the object of our feelings as it is. Then gradually open the eyes a little wider and see different things. Someone picks at the nose at dinner, someone spreads his socks around the house, someone is always late, and someone takes a bathroom for three hours every day. Over time, these habits start to irritate, we try to fight them, we put ultimatums, threaten, beg, but in vain.
On the other hand, people have long learned to teach even dumb animals to different tricks. And if a neighbor's dog can bring slippers and give a paw, can not you really teach the accuracy and punctuality of your husband?
The main thing is to adopt the experience of trainers.

Men and monkeys.
Men are often compared to cute primates, we add one more comparison. Monkeys, like men, are often excessively restless, stubborn, restless. If you got just such a playful human male, then reasonable serious arguments, requests and logical reasons for it simply will not work.
What do we have to do? It's simple! Descend to its level, look at the world with his eyes and much will become clear.
Men play cards, chess, computer games and football. Use this weakness to your advantage. All you need is to lure him with a game. Organize the competition, zaden his desire to be the first and when the excitement grabs him completely, stop the game, saying that you will continue only after he has washed the dishes, goes with you to the store, to his mother, or he will already drive a nail into the wall. This method will work without failures only if you always keep your promises, and do not forget to encourage it.

Men and elephants.
Large, calm, phlegmatic and diffused. Do you recognize your man in this? And such a man is able to learn the skill you need. The only condition: it can not be rushed. Do not count on his independence. To teach such a spouse or boyfriend not to scatter things, will have to spend a lot of time, but he is not hopeless.
If you want him to help you with the general cleaning, start first. Remove the curtains, get the things out of the cupboards, uncover the means for washing everything in the basin in the basins. Seeing this, the man will be easier to understand and tune in to what you want from him. Then give him simple tasks, for example, get something from the mezzanine or move a heavy cabinet. Later, when you just get a broom, he will learn how to offer help. Do not overdo it - you do not need a man to start rearranging furniture at the sight of a mop.

Men and dogs.
Not every man can be compared to these kind, intelligent and faithful animals. But if yours is such - cheerful, like a poodle or reliable, like St. Bernard, then you will understand all the charms of this similarity.
In order for your man to behave exceptionally well, he needs your attention, your love and patience.
Surely, you already noticed - when you start to scold your man, he remains deaf to all charges, in the most exceptional cases, he just pinches the tail and hides at work, in the garage, with friends. Try to ignore his bad behavior, because the lack of reaction for such a man - worse than any punishment. To encourage him is simply necessary, otherwise a man will not see the difference between bad and good.

Men and lions.
Do you see in the habits of your man something similar to the manners of the king of beasts? Perhaps he adheres to the view that a man should have a whole pride in order to feel full and happy. It is not easy to deprive him of the desire to have a harem, but it is possible.
You must be wise and do not pretend to be a leader, but do not show your weaknesses to him so as not to become a victim. Try to be on equal terms with a man - a lion, only then he will take you seriously.
When you ask him for something, talk about it openly, bravely, do not ask, do not ask, but let me know that your request or desire must be fulfilled. As soon as you raise your voice or start mumbling with a guilty look - you will lose.

Men and horses.
Horses seem all very beautiful, kind, proud and strong animals. They love freedom, but they appreciate a good attitude. Men of this plan perceive only those women who manage not to demand from them something on high tones.
In order to disaccustom a man from late meetings, sudden gatherings with friends, use touches, affectionate tone and all his best female qualities. Such a man will necessarily appreciate your ability to be affectionate and sensitive even in moments of extreme irritation. Believe me, he will not have the desire to step on the same rake, because he will be afraid to lose you.

It turns out that between us and animals there is much more in common than we think. Analogies can hold an infinite set. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to use the experience and skills of professional trainers, most importantly, do not overdo the stick and remember that people are still different from animals.