Makeup by Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Its main advantage is that, knowing about its beauty, it knows how to present itself beautifully. On the plump lips Jolie legends, as well as about the attracting, piercing gaze, which attracts the views of men. Angelina easily turns from a luxurious, sexy woman into a loving mother, whose charm surprises. One of her secrets of dazzling beauty is makeup.

Secrets of Jolie's makeup


The actress carefully and cares about her beauty. It puts on the skin a minimum of tonal powder and cream, it masks those parts of the skin that need it. This advice can be taken on board. Carefully peer into the mirror. Find problem areas of the skin. Apply a little bit of foundation on the pads of your fingers, and then lightly powder your face. In this way, you can make the skin look natural and perfect. The agent should be applied to 1 tone lighter than your natural complexion in order to give the image an aristocratic look.

Angelina's makeup - eyes

The actress knows very well that her eyes are very expressive. But all the same with the help of make-up, she tries to distinguish them. Angelina rarely uses dark shadows. Always in her cosmetic bag there are shadows of beige and bronze shades. Often in makeup Jolie uses a "cat's eye". From the inner corner of the eye there is a thin line, which gradually expands and ends in the outer corner. The line is slightly raised. This technique allows you to make the eyes more expressive. Mother-of-pearl shadows of Angelina inflicts on the inner corner of the eye and on the middle of the mobile age. Therefore, her eyes shine with flickering light.

Angelina's makeup - lips

Thanks to her plump lips, she has been among the sexiest women in the world for several years. And really her lips look pretty attractive. Angelina Jolie never focuses on her lips in makeup. She does not need it. They attract attention. Angelina uses a lipstick of natural shades and does not often paint her lips. For the repetition of Jolie's make-up, you first need to use a foundation to tone your lips. And that the lips were seductive and lipstick lasted longer, they should be slightly powdered. Then on the lips, apply a colorless shine and makeup Angelina is ready.