Nastasya Samburskaya after Kurban Omarova tried to seduce Mikhail Galustyan

Last weeks Nastasya Samburskaya became a real heroine behind the scenes intrigues. The recent trip of the actress to Spain, where she met with the husband of Xenia Borodina, Kurban Omarov, just blew up the social network. Fans of the leading "House-2", suspecting the star of "Univer" in the novel with a married man, condemned the celebrity for an affair with Kurban.

However, Nastasya Samburskaya is not that girl who will remain silent in response to any claims. Nastasya released a lot of caustic remarks about Xenia Borodina, rebuking the "rival" that she is the face of a scandalous teleproject, giving birth to children from different men and selling low-quality goods through her microblogging. In response, Borodin noted that many "stars" are trying to propiaritsya on her fame television presenter.

Nastasya Samburskaya told the truth about relations with Mikhail Galustyan

Tonight Nastasya Samburskaya "encroached" on another decent family man. Under the sights of the actress was Michael Galustyan.

In her Instagram page, Nastasya Samburskaya reported that she was preparing for the new project along with the KVN star, and she planned to get a role in the upcoming show through the bed. Latest news Samburskaya illustrated with a joint photo with a colleague.

However, Galustyan did not succumb to the spell of the scandalous actress, who so adores jokes and jokes:
We are preparing for a new project. I wanted to go through the bed, but this Armenian demanded money