People's signs about the weather

People's weather signs are a long-standing knowledge of the people and generations passed on to each other about the most different signs that tell what the weather will be like in the future. Often, the omen has its roots in the distant pagan past. Without knowing, it was not live - it was for them to determine when to harvest, when to sow and so on. Now mostly we learn the weather from weather reports, but this does not mean that the signs have stopped working. They can be used now, if there is such a need.

The attitude of meteorologists to the signs of weather

Most of the people's opinions are qualified meteorologists consider quite useless. These are such signs as "Dogs are rolling on the ground - there will be snow or rain", "If a dog eats a little and sleeps a lot - to the rain", etc. However, there are a number of signs, like "The violet has blossomed - it's time to plant parsley", "The earrings appeared on the maple - it's time to sow beets", "If the leaves at the birch are fully turned, then you can plant potatoes" are really justified - they take into account how the plants behave in a natural environment and under what conditions begin to bloom, open up, change the smell and show other signs indicating changes in weather conditions.

Examples will take the weather

And nature itself, and everything connected with it in one way or another, can serve as signs for predicting the weather, but few people notice it. Below are the most reliable signs on which you can find out the upcoming weather:

Of course, in this list were not listed all the signs that over the years were circulating among the people, but this list is often enough to be able to recognize in time the approaching bad weather, even if nothing previously foreshadowed bad weather. It is very useful knowledge will take the fisherman and hunters - so that the rain that began does not catch them unawares. Yes, and an ordinary person can come in handy of this knowledge. So success to you and great weather!