Perfect hairstyle for men according to the shape of the face

To date, not only the male figure captures the views of the fair sex, but also his hairstyle. Correctly selected hairstyle always characterizes a man from the best side, rather than untidy laid hair. Men and women have a golden rule that is characterized as follows: harmonious beauty is when the head and legs are in order.

But in order to properly choose a haircut for men, they, like women, should be chosen according to the shape of their face in order to emphasize their dignity. Even the shape of the mustache, whiskers or beard, too, is selected characteristically the shape of the face.

There are seven types of male face. But most have a square face. Even if a man has a round face, when losing weight, his face eventually becomes something like a square one. Usually the shape of the face in men often fits into several types at once, and even their shape changes throughout life.

The classical forms of men's faces include: oval, round, triangular, square, pear-shaped, oblong, "diamond" and a mixture of all the previous.

To the square type of face are suitable haircuts that pull the "square" up. For example, neatly trimmed hair in the ears or another haircut that will hide the square frame of the face. Categorically, one should not have either long hair or very short hair that can disturb the whole balance of the face.

To the square-triangular shape of the face fit hairstyles that emphasize the square shape. For example, in the form of a crazy mess, chaos on the head, which will give the head a classic square. Also to this shape of the face, if with it a relaxed line of the chin or a triangular chin, fit multi-layered, with neatly-cut layers or strands that fall on the face.

If the man has an elongated face , then he needs to shorten his face with the help of a hairdress, and hide it under a triangular form under the vegetation on his face. In men, with these forms of persons, one should not have sharp angles. They are suitable multi-layer hair, which gives the person the wrong broken line without sharp corners. They also have a good mustache, they can "shorten" a long face.

Men with a round form often include younger ones. Since the young guy has not yet reached maturity, he has a soft chin, like that of small children. When you reach a more mature age, its shape changes to a square one. A hairstyle with a round shape should give clarity to the person and hide the fullness. And with a beard will give the person ovality.

Well, of course, the oval shape is considered as an ideal form for both men and women. Any hairstyle and haircut is suitable for this form of face. Many should use haircuts to get an oval shape. And men with a triangular shape of the face are rare. For them, choosing a hairstyle is quite problematic. The best is a hairstyle with short hair on the temples and longer at the back of the head.

Men with a pear-shaped type can balance with voluminous hair on the temples and on the crown. A form of a person like "diamond" hair of a man should be the same length and give the person a volume. They will fit beards in the form of a semicircle and a square.

So choosing the right hairstyle for men is also not an easy task. But if you take into account the above, then you can choose the right hair and be irresistible.