Tibetan diet for weight loss

If you are going to lose weight and rejuvenate your body, then you can offer a Tibetan diet. Different nutritionists recommend it, since it helps to establish and refresh the body's work, which is worn out due to malnutrition. Some nutritionists consider the Tibetan diet to be a weapon in the fight against old age, it is believed that it prolongs life. To achieve this effect, you must follow all recommendations. The principle of this diet is to give up meat and meat dishes.

This is a vegetarian diet. And the more fruits and vegetables you eat, the better. They can be baked, steamed, boiled, raw. Dishes should be divided into small portions and chewed slowly. This diet is designed for a week. After that, experts advise to add a little meat to the diet, then again "sit down" on the Tibetan diet.

Results of the Tibetan diet

Observing this diet for 7 days can lose up to 4 kilograms. Since the diet includes fruits and vegetables, it can be considered useful and low-calorie. To make the effect noticeable, you need to combine the Tibetan diet with various exercises and walking walks on the street. You can not eat at night, snack. Two hours before sleep is not recommended.

Tibetan diet


Breakfast - take a small cracker and a cup of milk.
For lunch, prepare 200 g of salad from Bulgarian pepper, tomato, parsley, onions; on a garnish 150 g of boiled beans. Orange and green big apple.
At dinner, eat 250 grams of chopped white cabbage, season with lemon juice. on the third 200 ml of mineral water and eat 150 g of fruit.


For breakfast - take a green apple and 200 ml of mineral water.
In the afternoon - make 200 grams of salad from: orange, prunes, pears, apples, other fruits; boil 250 grams of fish.
Dinner - let's take 250 grams of courgettes fry in sunflower oil, three small tomatoes, 200 ml of tomato juice, a slice of bread.


For breakfast - two vanilla crumbs and drink a glass of milk.
In the afternoon - we will prepare 200 grams of salad: from cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and cloves of garlic. Let's fill the salad with vegetable oil. We will serve 200 g of garnished beans, cooked beans,
Dinner - tomato, 200 g grated beets, a glass of tomato juice, orange, 2 apples and a slice of bread.


For breakfast - bun and 250 ml of mineral water.
In the afternoon - boil 250 grams of fish, garnish served with 200 grams of vegetable salad and we drink 200 ml of apple juice.
In the evening - take 200 g of carrots and rub it with garlic and season with vegetable oil, garnish with 200 g of boiled string bean. A cup of tea and a small cracker.


Take a small bun for breakfast and drink 200 ml of milk.
In the afternoon - chopped 200 grams of red cabbage, which we fill with lemon juice. Two apples and a glass of yogurt.
Dinner - we take 200 g of eggplant with carrots and fry them in vegetable oil, 200 ml of mineral water, we cook 200 grams of fish, a piece of bread.


For breakfast - eat an orange and drink 200 ml of apple juice.
For lunch - we will prepare 200 grams of lettuce from onions, Bulgarian pepper, tomato, 200 g of carrots will be natrem and dress the salad with vegetable oil. And we will drink a glass of mineral water.
At dinner - eat 150 grams of cheese, 2 small cups of yogurt or a glass of milk, 2 vanilla crumbs.


For breakfast - take 200 ml of milk and 2 vanilla crackers.
In the afternoon - we eat 250 grams of salad from white cabbage, season with lemon juice, boil 250 grams of fish, 200 ml of mineral water.
For dinner - 100 grams of cheese, boil 200 g of beans, 250 grams of various fruits, we drink a glass of apple juice.


If you follow all the recommendations, then everything will be fine. It is a balanced and healthy diet. But you can not "sit" on it for more than one week. This diet is considered an excellent load for the body.