Rose from paper: a flower from a napkin

A rose made of paper is not only beautiful, but also popular enough, because it is a hand-crafted article. Such a gift can surprise a loved one. It has a special value, because it contains a part of the soul. It is not difficult to make a flower and for this there are many ways. Depending on the idea, a certain scheme is used, as well as a corresponding set of tools and materials.

How to make a paper rose with your own hands?

Any paper can be used as a material. There are many instructions for making this kind of origami. The product is made of cardboard, corrugated material, napkins. You can use an ordinary album sheet. Paper flowers are decorated with glitter, rhinestones and other accessories. You can give your favorite one flower, attaching it to a homemade stalk, or a whole bouquet. Video: a master class on the execution of a product made of heavy paper

Step by step we make a rose from a napkin

To make a craft, you need to take: Such an article on the origami technique is made simple. Below is a step-by-step instruction:
  1. The napkin is cut with scissors into 4 parts in a fold, and the resulting squares are divided in half.
  2. The corners of the long side are twisted into a tube (three turns are enough).
  3. Similar actions are performed with the rest of the rectangles.
  4. To make a stem, a small ball is rolled from the napkins, and then attached to the wire with a piece of the base material. Then the green band turns around the "stalk".
  5. The petals are folded in such a way that the next "hugged" the previous one.
  6. The edges of the bud are pulled together from below with the help of a green napkin.

It turns out pretty pretty handy. If desired, you can make a sheet of green tissue and attach to the stem.
On a note! Experienced masters, keen on origami, always have a stencil or a template for cutting out. Such tools are often used for applications.

Step by step instructions on creating a paper rose

It is believed that when using corrugated paper, gentle and vital flowers are obtained. To buy it is not difficult, because it is sold in any stationery store. If you approach the creation of a product with the mind, the girl from such a gift will not stand. To make a flower, you need:
On a note! The size of the bud depends on the size of the template. Cut the shape in such a way that the material stretches in width. To cut out details faster, you can stack it in several layers, and then attach the template with a stapler.
To create a fortress or a corrugated rose, the actions are presented in stages. Step-by-step execution of colors from the photo:
  1. Six hearts are cut out. Then each part is slightly stretched.

  2. The triple wire turns into a green material.
  3. The top edge of each heart is screwed onto the handle.
  4. The first petal is wrapped around the stem, and then fixed with a tape. Further similar manipulations are made with each detail. It is important to secure them securely.
  5. The leaves are made from a green paper strip, attached to the wire. Then it also turns around, like the stem.

  6. To form a cup, the green strip is taken, on one side the teeth are cut out. This part is fastened around the bottom part of the bud with the help of glue.
  7. The stalk fixes the leaves, and then it is once again wrapped in a green stripe.

The volumetric floret is ready. Now it is suitable as a gift. If there is a desire and patience, it is worth making several roses, creating a bouquet from them. Corrugated, you can make other flowers: chamomile, lily, chrysanthemum and others.

Photo of hand-made articles: flowers from paper

The white bud of roses looks especially tender. Even if they are ordinary crafts.

But an unusual version of the buds, which can be used as decoration. They will fit well into any interior, making it unique.

Another simple way to perform a delicate white bud, which is suitable for children, given the simplicity of production. The petals are first cut in a spiral, and then manually twisted, forming a flower.

To date, there are many different materials, guided by which you can perform these masterpieces. Technique origami is used by each country. It happens that artificial flowers made in this way, at first glance, it is difficult to distinguish from the real ones. Chamomile, lily, rose made of paper - any hand-made, made by own hands, is unique in its own way.