How to make a tablecloth for the New Year's table?

On New Year's Eve the tablecloth is decorated with a tablecloth. When serving the table, it performs an aesthetic function, the plates do not slip on the countertop, it muffles the clatter of cutlery. Of course, you can buy a ready-made tablecloth in the store, but the tablecloth will look much more interesting if it is sewn by yourself.

Tablecloth for New Year's table

Traditionally, linen bleached fabric is used as a material. The tablecloth will look elegant, but you can not use it for serving if there is at least one speck on it. This tablecloth must be able to starch, it can not be dried, this work takes a long time and it is quite difficult. Hence it follows that the table linen must be sewn from fabrics that wear well.

If you do not use the entire dining table, then you need to sew a few rugs - sets and desktop tracks. They can be used as independent elements, and they can be used together with an ordinary tablecloth. Do not forget about the napkins. They are made from natural fabrics, which will be in harmony with the fabric in texture and color. Usually the shape of the napkins is square, and its dimensions can be 32X32 cm, 40X40 cm or 60X60 cm.

It is easy to sew a New Year's tablecloth on a square table. You need to cut a square from the fabric. The length of the square is easy to calculate: to do this, you need to measure the length of the countertop, plus the double length of the overhang. At all parties to make a hem by 2 cm, sweep, stitch, iron, and everything - the tablecloth is ready.

To make the New Year tablecloth look original, you can add decorative details. For example, sew on the edges of jacquard braid. From a woven braid or a string of "bindweed" make a pattern. For decor use lace, sewing, ruches, oblique bake or ready braid.

Tablecloth on a round table

The round table will adequately decorate the room, if for him to make an original New Year's tablecloth. In stores, mostly tablecloths for rectangular tables are sold, so it's better to sew a tablecloth on a round table yourself. It should be made in tone to curtains, pillows, a sofa veil and other draperies.

For a round tablecloth, you first need to make a pattern. Draw and glue a square, draw two diagonals and find the middle. Take a pencil and tie it to a strong thread. The second end of the thread is attached to the center of the square with a button or a pin. In the tensioned position, the length of the thread is equal to half the side of the square. It remains to draw and cut a circle.

Draw a circle pattern on the wrong side of the fabric. The fabric can be taken silk or dense cotton. Cut the workpiece out of the fabric. Sew a hem, bend it to the wrong side and stitch it. If desired, sew a braid or fringe along the edge.

Excellent looks tablecloth, made with applique. If you are first making a tablecloth applique, then you need to choose simple shapes - balls, bells, fir-trees, hearts. Use different decorative techniques, and you will have a real author's work. New-year tablecloth, made with lace inserts, will look like expensive old times, but now such things are very relevant.

For inserts, you can use a lace cloth, guipure, or independently tie fragments. This decor is placed along the perimeter or center of the tablecloth. Inserts a little starch, iron, and to avoid distortions, sweep the fabric and stitch it. The edge of this tablecloth is decorated with a beautiful thin lace.