Stanislav Sadalsky became a Kremlin propagandist, video

The name of the popular Russian actor Stanislaw Sadalcogo is familiar to both adults and children. The actor starred in a hundred films, and the phrase of his famous hero Kostya Saprykin: "Kaselok, kaselok ... What ekso kaselok?" Still pursuing a 65-year-old star during meetings with the audience.

Stanislav Sadalsky is on tour both abroad and the countries of the former USSR. And the actor is an active blogger - in his Instagram and LiveJournal Sadalsky regularly places the latest news, photos, gossip about colleagues and his arguments on different topics.

Literally a day ago, the artist visited Minsk. Stanislav Yurievich admitted to readers that he was delighted with the Belarusian president:
I love Belarus, I love Batka! Respect Lukashenko, has preserved not only the country, but also our friendship.

Stanislav Sadalsky was accused of Kremlin propaganda

Already someone, and Sadalsky was never noticed in especially tender feelings towards the Russian authorities. The actor did not participate in the actions "Our Crimea", did not make loud political statements, preferring meetings to creativity. The more surprising is the story that happened to him today in the Baltics. No, Sadalsky was not deployed on the border, as did several years ago with Russian artists Valerie, Kobzon and Gazmanov. However, perhaps soon this can happen ...

This morning at his Instagram Stanislav Sadalsky told the subscribers that during his tour in Lithuania, he received a call from Riga and was accused ... of Kremlin propaganda! It turns out that the artist allowed himself after the performance to ask the audience not to forget the Russian language:
Last night I said from the stage, thank you for not forgetting the Russian language and going to our performances, today called from Riga and said that I would not be engaged in Kremlin propaganda, well, not mu * aki from the Brussels office ...?
Subscribers Instagram supported Stas Sadalsky. In the comments, a lot of complaints were made to the leadership of some countries that they took the policy of anti-Russian policy in all areas.

As well as it is necessary to "the Kremlin propagandist", Stanislav Sadalsky has decided to continue a theme and has placed at itself the video which has been removed in Vilnius in which has told about the relation to destruction of memory of the Soviet past: