Is the high heel harmful?

Nobody argues that heels are beautiful, feminine and elegant. Shoes on the heel always gave its owner a beautiful, proud, fit appearance. A woman who gracefully walks in beautiful shoes on a heel, always looks extremely profitable. However, in wearing shoes with heels there are several rules. It turns heels to heels strife. Not every shoe on his heel is suitable for everyday wear. And not for everyone wearing shoes on the heel passes without consequences, so is it a bad high heel? Heels need to be able to wear correctly. It's clear, no one is born with the ability to perfectly deform on the heels, but there are some special ladies who feel like slippers on their heels.

Shoes must be comfortable.

Regardless of the height of your heels, your foot should feel comfortable. Consider this when buying shoes. Do not believe the seller's belief that shoes must be worn. If, at the time of fitting, the foot feels constrained to the shoe, it is not necessary to buy such shoes, since it is harmful. Quality footwear does not give any discomfort from the first fitting and does not need to be worn.

You can not wear heels.

Unfortunately, this list is not so short. Heels are not recommended for women in position. They have a hormonal background, the connective tissues become more elastic, the body weight increases, and therefore the center of gravity shifts. And therefore, if at this time, and still wear heels, then troubles with your feet are simply provided to you, not to mention the opportunity to stumble and get injured.

Also, the heel does not need to be worn for adolescent girls who are in the stage of active growth. Women who suffer from various diseases, for example, varicosities or flat feet, as it will be harmful. A woman whose workday is always "on her feet" waitresses, hairdressers, sellers.

Another heel is not desirable to wear a woman who has more than 12 kg of excess weight. We hasten to recall a crude formula for calculating the ideal weight. Growth (cm) minus 100, and multiply by 0.9

Heels have always been and will be indispensable attributes of a modern woman. And if the choice of a heel is right, and do not overload your legs with excessive heel wear, then he will become your good friend. And wearing shoes with heels will only be a joy to you.

Julia Sobolevskaya , specially for the site