Star of the 90's Alyona Apina divorces her husband after 25 years of marriage

Another strong pair of domestic show business announced its separation. This time, the ex-soloist of the group "Combination" popular in the 90s, Alain Apin, reported about the divorce with her husband. The latest news instantly scattered over the Net.

With her husband, producer Alexander Iratov, the singer lived in marriage for 25 years! Yes, yes, again 25! Recall that in March of this year, Svetlana and Fyodor Bondarchuk announced their separation, who were also 25 years together. Truly, the fateful date ...

Why are Alyona Apina and Alexander Iratov divorced?

It seems that Alena Apina and Alexander Iratov with Bondarchuk have coincided not only the number of years they lived, but also the reasons for the separation. According to the singer, the couple were simply tired of each other:
In our divorce there are no perpetrators. Neither I nor Sasha met anyone new. Simply with time, we began to get tired of each other, all points of contact disappeared, interests became different, and at some point I realized that divorce is inevitable

About the couple is the daughter of Ksenia. The girl is 14 years old, and parents are worried that their divorce can be a difficult test for a teenager. However, his decision to divorce Alyona Apina is not going to change.