Street safety rules for parents and children

In this article, we will examine in detail how a child should behave on the street and in places of large concentrations of people.

Child and street

If you leave the child on the street, then politely ask one of the neighbors who are walking with their children to look after yours. When choosing a place for the game, remember that it should be far from the road or on specially equipped playgrounds. Explain to the kid how to approach the moving attractions and swings.

When crossing the road, do it only on the crossings, and always remember the safety rules on the road. If you went out for a walk on the street with a stroller, then be especially careful, never run across the road if you see that there is a car, wait for the traffic signal and do not leave the carriage in the roadway.

If you are walking in the winter and decided to ride the baby on the sled, then do not transport him across the road, let him stand up and hold your hand, cross the road. Never allow a kid to get the ball from under the standing machine and hide behind it, let the child ask you to help him if there is a situation.

It is almost impossible to always keep a child in an apartment, do not need to try, he needs fresh air and, of course, communication with other children, his peers. It is for this reason that you will have to deal with the problem of "child and street". The freedom that children so much want is played by an unpleasant joke with them. This suggests that on the street, any child should be even more attentive and cautious.

When collecting a child on the street do not let him put on expensive things and do not do it yourself, because they can attack him. As stated earlier, do not attach the key to the house on your belt or hang it around your neck, if there are no inner pockets in the jacket or other thing, then sew them with the heels.

If the child went for a walk himself, then arrange a call with other moms or dads who alternate with you, look after the children or watch him play from the window.

Did you notice that a stranger approached the baby? Immediately call the child home or get harassed by yourself. Ask what the stranger wanted from your son or a daughter and report it to the police, his district inspector.

When walking with a child, do not make comments to him that are not motivated, otherwise he will want to annoy you even more in protest. At the exit from the apartment, the child should initially look at the door and after that, it will be ensured that there is no one there, go out into the street or ask you to take him to the yard. Even if the child slammed the door, make sure that it is locked on all the locks. Put the key in a hidden pocket.

When a child leaves the apartment, if there are no parents at home, he should write a note when he returns, with whom and where he went, if there is a possibility, let him leave his friends' phone or another way that the parents can contact him. If he does not manage to turn around at the specified time, then the child should call his mother and father to warn him that he will stay.

Kids should not promptly run out of the door or the door of their home, first you need to open the door and see if there is no transport, under which he can find himself. If the child noticed a friend on the other side of the road, do not rush headlong to him, he should remember that in front of him is the roadway.

When you let the child walk, tell us where the most dangerous places are in the street or in the yard (standing cars, attics, cellars). Priogra in hide and seek, do not need to hide behind cars, they can go at the most suitable moment, do not look for a secluded place in the basement, there can be a criminal or a drunken companion, perhaps the basement in general will be closed.

If you see that the child has disappeared from the yard, you must first inquire with whom and where he will go for a walk. Learn from neighbors or acquaintances, did not see the lioni it elsewhere. Call the police, call the duty officer and the district inspector.

If your child loves to skate and adores a bicycle, explain to him where to go for a ride and do not forget to tell the basic safety rules. At the first trips parents or older children should accompany the child, until he learns to confidently learn.

It is also necessary to pay special attention to the communication of the child with domestic pets. Good at first sight, dogs, can also harm the child, if he was born later than the dog appeared. If the dog is still evil, then she should not have access to the child (put on a muzzle, lock it in another room or aviary). With alien animals, too, children should not play, because often dogs react angrily and aggressively to other people's children. If the child plays with the pet, then let it be before your eyes.

Places of great number of people

Sometimes we attend mass festivities or we go with the child to the store or on the market to choose a festive gift. However, things are not so smooth. How to do it so that the merry holiday does not become gloomy when the child is lost in the crowd or should parents punish something for the baby? First of all, you must think in advance how to act in this or that situation, try to anticipate it.

If you are going to go on a holiday or just picking up a child on the street, make special labels from cotton fabric, which will be written with an addressable machine, phone, name, surname, and contraindications and sew them to clothes.

When you go to places where a lot of people gather, try to put the baby in bright things that you can easily see in the crowd. When you exit to places where there are many people, be sure to take photos of the child that will reflect his appearance.

If you go to the market, shop or square, then immediately, give a place where you will meet, if suddenly the child is lost. Do not tell the child that you will meet near a lamp, post or clock, because there may be several. Do not forget that you hold the child by the hand, and he will take you. Tell him that he must hold you only by the hand, and not by the handle of the bag or sleeve, because the children are so lost. When you make your way to the right place or go to the counter, keep the baby in front of him so that he does not get lost, do not let him go behind.

If you see a kid nearby, do not scream and call him, just try not to lose sight of him and go to him yourself. After you find the child, you do not need to shout at him: "I told you to be next to me all the time!", Disagree with him for behaving badly, just explain to him where he wrongly acted. That this will not happen again in the future. Analyze whether you have chosen the right place for the meeting and why you looked for a child so long.

You must inspire the child that his safety depends primarily on himself, how he will behave as snitches, who will entice him with sweets and chocolate or how he will lead himself in various situations, as his life and life depends on his answers and decisions. But ours with you is the task of teaching the child.