Summer 2014 - not the time to get rid of boots

Summer boots are a relatively new, but very creative phenomenon in the fashion industry. They have already won stunning popularity and, in addition, have become a real hit of sales. No wonder, because such shoes perfectly emphasize the sexuality and eccentricity of the image, highlighting its owner from the crowd of dull monotony.

Fashion for unusual boots "in the hole" came from distant warm countries, for which the fierce winter cold is a real nonsense. But whatever it is, even the absence of frosts is not a reason to forget about the chic boots. This belief was a parting word for designers who did not hesitate and created such extraordinary and incredibly stylish shoes.

Light boots gradually migrated to us, falling in love with a multimillion crowd of girls-style. So boots "in a hole" - this is not at all an excess of design imagination, but quite the contrary - a decent and, by the way, very versatile summer shoes.

The main difference between summer boots from their warm brothers is the presence of open elements (heels, sock, ankles, etc.). This style is considered classic for this type of footwear. However, there are many closed models made of a very thin material - suede, leather, textiles or lace. In addition, the boots can be sewn even from denim, flax and cotton. In this case, regardless of the material, such boots will be the main accentuating detail of any summer image.

The most common models of light boots are, naturally, in a hole, with perforations and various slits. At the same time, designers are quite sophisticated, turning ordinary small holes into real works of art. The length of the bootleg can be absolutely anything, but free bootlegs of medium length are especially popular.

Many girls believe that the legs in summer boots are too warm, and in this regard they prefer to bypass the trend shoes all the same. Of course, such shoes are not designed for ultra-high temperatures, but for 25-degree heat they will be an ideal and very cozy choice.

However, especially for those who are afraid of excessive heat, fashion designers have provided a separate style - "cage-cage" and "boots-skeletons." The idea of ​​how they look, recreates their very name. A characteristic feature of such boots is the maximum open area. Thanks to this and creates the feeling of unprecedented comfort, which only can feel your favorite legs.

Summer boots, made of lace and azhura - the most optimal choice, which has not given up positions on fashion shows for two years already. These boots look at the female legs surprisingly elegantly and very gently. In addition, they do not clog the air, so that the legs can "breathe". So if there were even the slightest doubt when choosing summer boots, you should stop on lace models. Then certainly you will not have to regret!

If we talk about the heel, then it can be very diverse. However, this year the main trend is the platform. It adorns not only winter footwear, but also summer light boots. No less popular models of boots on a flat move. And unlike winter boots, summer models can be executed in absolutely any color scale, and the brighter and juicier they are, the more fashionable.

Why wear such shoes? The answer to this question does not contain complexities and intricacies.

Boots perfectly combined with shorts, breeches of denim, mischievous skirts and mini dresses. The combination with the dress is incredibly successful, especially if it is made of light flowing fabric. This image is the embodiment of romance, tenderness and at the same time sexuality and courage. An interesting combination, is not it?

If the boot tops are made in a free cut, and their length reaches the middle of the shin, you can easily create an image in the cowboy style. In addition, this style in the upcoming summer season of 2014 will be especially relevant. In order for passers-by on the street to turn around, it's enough to get short denim shorts and a snow-white or checkered shirt. Well, the top of the eccentricity of the image will be a hat and boots in cowboy style, made of high-quality leather beige or sandy hues.