Therapeutic and magical properties of goethite

The mineral is boasting its name due to the great German poet Goethe. Goethe had a large collection of minerals, and he was a connoisseur of geology. Alumogetite, mezabit, chilenite are varieties and names of the mineral. Goethite has a light brown and dark brown color. And in thin plates, goethite shines through a dark reddish shade. Goethite can easily dissolve in acid. The brilliance of this mineral is diamond, but at times you can find a mineral with silk shine.

In general, the field of goethite is found in Mexico, USA, England. On the surface of Mars, this mineral was also discovered.

Therapeutic and magical properties of goethite

Medical properties. There is an opinion that goethite can eliminate the lack of iron in the blood. It is also believed that edema can be cured by goethite, set in a silver bracelet. And if the stone is applied to the place where there was a stretching of the muscles, it will relieve the acute pain.

Magical properties. Black magicians and necromancers believe that this mineral is their stone. Goethe is considered a faithful servant of Hecate the ancient goddess. Goethitis operates during the so-called dark moon, this is the time when the moon can not be seen in the sky (before the new moon).

And if you combine goethite with black agate, hematite, you can make an astral journey to the world of souls, among them recruit an assistant, and then in magical rites and witchcraft to take advantage of his otherworldly knowledge.

There is also an opinion that the soul of a deceased person can not refuse to use the power of goethite. This is what explains the reason that the soul is ready to fulfill absolutely any order of the owner of goethite, just to touch the mineral. But usually magicians only promise the souls of the deceased to touch the energy of the mineral, this magicians will never be allowed. After all, the magicians and necromancers know that if the energy of the stone and the energy of the deceased come into contact, they will bring upon themselves a sure death, as well as eternal posthumous torment.

But not only magicians, sorcerers and necromancers contribute to this mineral. But a person who is not associated with magic, who became the master of the mineral, can expect that he will protect him from magical attack and witchcraft. Also dispel intrigues directed from enemies, will help cope with negative energy.

Goethe will start to help, only if the owner agrees with him as follows: on the eve of the new moon, the mineral should be put on a small piece of purple silk cloth, to light the red, green, white candles at the same time, stretch out their hands over the goethite, mentally ask for help from the stone, relax. And if the owner is not connected with magic, he should honestly tell about this stone, and swear that he never under any circumstances uses the power of the mineral in divination, witchcraft, and fortune.

And magicians should remember that if they started using properties of goethite, then the stone will never help in other types of magic, except for black. And do not even hope that the stone will be able to appreciate a person's good intentions. It should also be noted that the stone is capable of turning any good started to the benefit of Hecate. For example, a stone, of course, will help a person predict the future, but in return someone from close people will get sick, and this will be promoted by the same goethite.

Aries, Lions, Sagittarians should not use the power of this mineral, astrologers do not advise it. For other signs of the zodiac there are no restrictions in wearing this stone.

Talismans, amulets. In the form of a talisman goethite is able to help the owner feel strong, confident, courageous. Can help to climb up the career ladder and attract material prosperity.