How to distinguish a birthmark from melanoma

In many people, the body is strewn with a huge number of birthmarks. Of course, this is not considered a cosmetic defect, but on the contrary, it makes a person attractive, giving him a special charm of charm. But, unfortunately, there are cases when these very innocuous moles that are on your body, hide a very great danger, the name of which is melanoma. So how to distinguish a birthmark from melanoma and thereby protect yourself from unwanted consequences? This question excites many people, especially in the summer season, when you so want to soak under the rays of the bright sun.

Melanoma is usually a malignant tumor. This tumor develops from special pigment cells, which are called melantrocytes. This is one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer. Although melanoma is sometimes slightly different from this disease. The thing is that the main cells of the skin are cells called keratinocytes, in other words, epithelial cells and cells called melanocytes, through which our skin changes color during sunburn. Malignant tumor develops exactly in the first kind of cells, and the tumor developing at the level of the second cells, just called melanoma. The development of the second type of tumor carries a huge threat to the human body. In this case, a hundred percent development of the metastasis takes place, and thus deterioration of health, followed by the defeat of other organs by cancer cells. Therefore, the treatment of melanoma requires immediate and decisive action. In order to avoid any health problems, it is necessary to be able to distinguish very clearly between melanoma and an ordinary birthmark. Let's try, under the theme: "How to distinguish birthmarks from melanoma? "Is to find out.

So, in order to distinguish a birthmark from a melanoma, first of all, it is necessary to find out the main differences between these two features of moles. And you can determine and remember these differences using a special alphabet. In other words, the alphabet of melanoma, which consists of four main letters (A, B, C and D).

Let's start with the letter "A", which stands for nothing but asymmetry. To distinguish a birthmark from a melanoma it is possible, having paid attention not its or her form and a roundness. If you look at the correct birthmark, then it must always have the right shape. For a mole, oval or round outlines are characteristic, but for melanoma - a messy and completely incomprehensible form.

The next letter in our alphabet of melanoma is the letter "B", which carries such a notion as the appearance of the contour itself. You can distinguish a birthmark from melanoma disease by carefully looking at its edges. The edges characteristic of melanoma are, as a rule, not even, patterned, and for the mole, quite the opposite, very even and neat.

The next distinctive feature of the birthmark from melanoma is its color, which in our alphabet is indicated by a letter such as "C". The correct birthmark has a one-color color, but melanoma, on the contrary, includes several color shades - at least two colors of the listed: brown, black, red, chestnut or even white.

And finally, the last letter of our distinctive five is the letter "D", which denotes the diameter itself, which will help distinguish the birthmark from melanoma. More often than not, melanoma has dimensions that exceed 5 millimeters, and sometimes even those that reach up to 1 centimeter. If you find a birthmark of this size on your body, contact your doctor immediately.

Most often, melanomas are located on such areas of the skin as the back in the area just above the waist, the shin of the leg and part of the head covered with hair. Sometimes even a phenomenon such as melanoma can be observed in the area of ​​the skin under the fingernail.

By the way, it is worth noting and the fact that about 25% of melanomas can develop from birthmarks. Therefore, being in the sun with a huge amount of moles on your body can be dangerous. The most dangerous factors in which you need to protect yourself and your body, taking sun baths - it's a very light pigment of your skin, the presence of freckles, at an early age received sunburn, light or red hair color, finding on the body of three birthmarks of significant size, heredity. These are the main signs that you need to protect yourself in the summer, thus not provoking the appearance of melanoma.

Success in the treatment of melanoma, in the first place, depends on the stage at which it was detected. Therefore, only a timely examination can guarantee you successful prevention or treatment of this disease.

By the way, according to many dermatologists, without extreme need, touching the birthmark is not recommended at all. And if you have a very suspicious looking mole on your body, you should not panic at all. Such birthmarks should be inspected, approximately every 6 months by a specialist. Only if the doctor determines the progression of this skin phenomenon, it is necessary to resort to surgical intervention.

And finally we want to add that it is absolutely not necessary to completely abandon the long-awaited vacation on the beach. Here are some basic rules, adhering to which, you can absolutely safely spend your vacation.

1. Remember that a prolonged and exhausting exposure to direct sunlight may not immediately make you aware of yourself. Sometimes such negative consequences can appear after a while.

2. Before taking sun baths, try not to use various antibiotics. This can lead to sunburn on the skin, increasing your sensitivity to ultraviolet rays.

3. Do not forget to use creams that protect your skin from sunlight.

4. Do not sunbathe in the sun between 11 am and 4 pm.

5. Remember that in wind or cloudy weather, the probability of burning is much higher than in the sun.

Adhering to these simple rules during your holiday, you can avoid unwanted problems with your health.