Three Korean brands that will help solve skin problems

No, it's not about popular Holika Holika, TonyMoly and Mizon, which are known to beauty-lovers no less than Clinique, Avene and Givenchy. In our selection there are three brands unfamiliar to the domestic market, the quality of their products is not inferior to the best pharmacy cosmetics. Curious? Look for new items in the online stands Amazon, Iherb and Ebay.

Secrets of Asia: effective Korean care

Problem skin is a real punishment for girls: inflammation, pronounced pores, black dots, uneven terrain and unhealthy irritated areas are difficult to hide even with a thick foundation. In addition, decorative cosmetics creates a sad problem of a "vicious circle". CosRX means can significantly improve the situation: in the arsenal of the young South Korean brand there are effective products with AHA / BHA / PHA acids, vitamins, extracts of propolis, aloe, centelles.

Serum Galactomyces 95 - hit CosRX for problematic skin

Benton does not have many beauty lines - only three, but they are more than enough for the necessary solution of pressing problems. The tonic, creams and essences of the brand contain only natural ingredients for gentle cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing: bee venom, plant concentrates and mucus. What is important - in the tubes of Benton you will not find any mineral oils that block the pores, nor water that dries up the epidermis.

Benton products do not contain silicones, sulphates, alcohol

Means Klairs promise a lot: elimination of acne and post-acne, moisturizing, saturation, matting, giving velvety and radiance. Judging by the reviews of beauty bloggers and ordinary users, the truth in these promises is definitely there: phytoconcentrates, amino acid complexes, natural oils act actively and for sure.

"Just. And that's enough "- the motto of Klairs