To be married is unbearable: a dress for the second marriage

The second marriage for most women is a deliberate and responsible step, because putting on the wedding ring again, we subconsciously try to exclude the mistakes of the first marriage. And one of the most important tasks during the organization of the celebration is the selection of dresses for the second wedding, because this particular attribute of the ceremony evokes the most lively interest.

Wedding dresses for second marriage: selection rules

Previously, the second marriage was accompanied by a mass of prejudices and superstitions. So, in the people it was believed that at the conclusion of a second marriage the bride does not have the right to wear a snow-white wedding dress and veil, as these elements of the wedding wardrobe symbolize purity, naivete and purity. However, today such signs are losing relevance, and modern girls are unlikely to demonstrate innocence through a white dress. So why can not the second wedding attire be as dreamed of?

General rules and recommendations for choosing a wedding dress for a second marriage:

Wedding dress ideas for a re-wedding ceremony

Many brides, marrying a second time, ask themselves about alternative versions of the attire for the celebration. After all, fantasy should not be limited to a traditional white or red dress.

Instead of the traditional wedding dress, you can choose one of the following options:

  1. Elegant costume, made of several types of textures and materials. The main thing - by all means expensive fabric and ideal lines of cut. In this case, you can choose as a trouser version of the outfit, and a skirt of medium length - depending on what you will be more comfortable.
  2. If instead of a dress for the second wedding you decide to sew a suit, pay attention to the jacket. It is best to choose it with a duplicated guipure of an expensive class. This trick will give your decoration elegance and solemnity at the same time.
  3. At the wedding ceremony, an evening or cocktail dress made of expensive material will look no less harmonious. Give preference to strict styles with a straight skirt, and do not overdo with sequins, ornaments and accessories. Laconism and aristocratic charm are the main notes of the style to which one should strive.

Dresses with sleeves
A snow-white dress with sleeves is the best option for creating an image of a touching princess at a winter wedding ceremony. We will talk about all the nuances of choosing this outfit.

Wedding dresses for adult brides

The second marriage is an excellent chance to embody the most secret desires in the family unit of society, excluding the mistakes of the previous marriage. Therefore, the solemn ceremony should be approached with anticipation and joyful euphoria. Choosing a dress for a second marriage will certainly entail a lot of questions and doubts, but these troubles are pleasant and important for every girl.

If you still have not chosen a wedding outfit, considering between several options, perhaps the ideas presented below will help solve the dilemma.

So, the first option is an elegant evening dress of strict straight cut. As a rule, by the age of 30, the bride has attractive outlines of a silhouette, which such an outfit will very favorably emphasize. Prefer the lace materials, satin or silk - the main thing is that the dress gently streamed along the mill.

The second option is an extravagant outfit. It can be a short dress or an unusual suit. The main idea is a combination of the incongruous. This outfit will suit courageous and open personalities who wish to make their second marriage unforgettable and cheerful.

As you can see, even at your second wedding it's very easy to be irresistible!

Dresses with open back
A wedding dress with a nude back is an excellent option for brave and slender brides who dream of a fairytale ceremony. Learn a few secrets about choosing a gorgeous outfit from our article.