To dream of your own or others' nails

The meaning of sleep in which you care for your nails, cut them or painted.
To dream nails in a dream is to see a reflection of health, possibilities, position among people. For the correct interpretation, one must be attentive to details, events, to emotions under test.

Why dream, how do you cut your nails?

According to the most popular interpretation of the dream book, this means "cutting" some cases, usually requiring haste. But it can also simply mean that a person takes great care of appearance and status in the eyes of others. And sometimes a nail in a dream can be cut off by a person who is under a lot of trouble. When a man sees this, he will have to solve problems on his own, depending on his own strength.

And to see how the nails cut another person means that a person should learn from other people's mistakes in order to avoid difficulties in the future. Perhaps, it is the one who became the hero of your night vision, will help you acquire the necessary life experience.

To prune your nails in a dream - to try to get rid of something superfluous, for example, from unnecessary problems. The subconscious mind as if advises for a while to turn to oneself to understand what is worth changing.

Cutting nails on the legs can mean unwanted movements, both literally "by feet" and figuratively (shifting along the career path). In this case, if they are long, then you are waiting for a long time. And if you shorten the nails on the leg to another person, think about it, perhaps your work costs more than you get. And the man who cuts his nails on your legs, will just make it easier for you to work. Shorten the marigold to the child - to the troubles and cares.

Other interpretations

Since in real life manicure plays an important role in drawing up a general impression of a person. Therefore, be sure to take into account your emotions and the general details of sleep in which you have sheared or groomed your nails.