Treatment of chronic cold with folk remedies

You will learn: how to properly prevent and cure the disease of the nasal cavity. Runny nose, if left untreated, will go away in a week, and if treated, after 7 days. A joke is a joke, and there may be complications. It is not customary for us to consider a runny nose as a disease, and we let it all go by itself and carry it on our feet. But, if the rhinitis is not cured in time, the swelling of the nasal mucosa will rise higher and lead to serious diseases of the respiratory tract. Treatment of a chronic cold with folk remedies, you will learn from the publication.

Coryza - the first symptom of a cold (mucous membranes swell, inflame). Just like a cold, the common cold is transmitted by air and drip. Your reaction to this infectious attack depends on your immunity. But a seasoned body can potemperaturir a couple of days, but it will not lead to a cold.

Weakened immunity gives both cough and temperature. Causes of a cold may be a tendency to allergic reactions, temperature changes, gas contamination of the air, dustiness, hypothermia. Very often the runny nose can develop into a chronic runny nose. If it is not treated, the inflammation will expand and go to the maxillary sinuses or frontal sinuses, and then to the middle ear. And these are serious problems, which will have to be disposed of by the attending physician.

When the nose is stuffy, the body is susceptible to viral infections, the quality of life falls, a feeling of weakness and a headache breaks. And the question arises: is it necessary to treat a runny nose or should it wait, when it by itself will pass? Doctors say that the runny nose must be treated. Moreover, folk remedies and modern antiviral drugs can save you from this "wet" misfortune in two days. Take advantage of this! Feeling "wrong", stay at home and take emergency measures. Begin the treatment with the use of herbal tea. At the earliest stages, he fights against bacteria, protects against various negative consequences.

Treatment of chronic colds
With a cold, warmth is important. Take a warm bath, add to the water essential anti-cold extracts of oils of rosemary, fir, eucalyptus, cedar and juniper. And if you get caught in the rain or get cold at the bus stop, put the mustard plasters on your calves and make yourself a hot bath with sea salt for your feet. At the very beginning of the cold, you need to prevent a runny nose, for this sew a small pouch from cotton fabric. Buckwheat or large salt, burn in a dry frying pan, fill in a bag, put it on the bridge of the nose and warm it. Heat for the nose should be pleasant.

In the pharmacy do not rush to buy vasoconstrictive drugs yourself, without consulting a doctor. Start with antiviral drugs - which suppress the development of the virus and can stimulate protective astringents such as protargol, it is better to drip just before sleep.

Drops that contain active ingredients and strong antibiotics. They should be used as directed by a doctor. To speed up the red beet will help. Bury the fresh juice of raw beets on 5 droplets in each nostril. Either moisten the cotton swab in the juice and put it in your nose. Perhaps there will be an unpleasant burning sensation.

Tear off the most fleshy leaf from the flower and squeeze out the healing juice. Throw your head back, drop 3 drops into each nostril with a pipette. Massage the wings of the nose. After sneezing, the nose will breathe.

Treatment of chronic colds
Before treating a chronic cold it is necessary to find out its causes. Be sure to consult with an ENT doctor. The main causes of chronic rhinitis: curvature of the nasal septum, polyps of the nose, sinusitis, adenoids and so on. Only after the diagnosis is clarified, it is possible to start treatment of chronic rhinitis.

Traditional medicine advises to do:

Rinse the nose with decoction of beetroot
Rinse the nasal cavity twice a day with red beet broth. Brush the beets, wash, cut into small pieces and pour boiling water. In two days the broth will begin to wander. Strain it, and pour it into a separate bowl. Keep the fridge in the broth for no more than three days.

Rinse the nose with sea water
When treating chronic rhinitis, it is useful to rinse the nose with sea water, this will give a good result. If there is no sea water, replace it with this composition: in 200 ml of boiled warm water, add a teaspoon of salt and 5 drops of iodine. Stir well.

Prepare powder from dried herbs:
To do this, take 10 grams of hoof root, 10 grams of a drop of medicinal, 1 gram of rue. The powder should be fine and dry, so that you can breathe it with your nose three times a day.

With a chronic cold it will be useful to draw in your nose a mixture of this composition: To do this, take 1 teaspoon of boric acid, alcohol, glycerin and mix.

Rinse the nose (retract) with infusion from the leaves of calendula or eucalyptus, take 500 ml of water for 1 teaspoon of each remedy. This procedure is carried out twice a day. The effect will be even better if the solution is drawn in by the nose, and thrown out through the mouth.

Bury in the nose two drops of celandine juice three times a day. Cleaner bury in one nostril for 2 drops, a minute later in the same nostril again bury 2 drops. Then, do the same with the second nostril. They do so because the first drops of celandine act on the outer layers of the mucous membrane, and the second portions of the droplets penetrate deeper.

Now you know how to cure chronic cold with folk remedies, and you know how to prevent and cure a chronic runny nose. Know that the traditional medicine can not replace the methods of classical medicine completely. Be healthy!