Vegetables and fruits to enhance potency

With age, many men face such a problem as a deterioration in potency. The inability to conduct an active sex life not only affects the psychological state of a man, but also all his body as a whole. Since ancient times, "great minds" have been looking for a cure for this ailment.

Over time, people found that many foods contain substances and vitamins necessary to increase potency. Especially a lot of these vitamins contain vegetables and fruits to increase potency. At present, nutrition with certain plant products has helped many people cope with this problem. Now this diet is called the "love diet".

Over the centuries, people used various foods from the simplest (chicken eggs) and to the most unusual ones, such as the horn of a rhinoceros. Scientists of our time have established that to restore potency, the body needs a certain set of vitamins. The necessary substances contain vegetables and fruits. Among the fruits can be identified citrus fruits, especially oranges and lemons. It is also necessary to include figs and pomegranate in your diet.

To increase potency, vitamin E plays a big role. The positive effect of this vitamin on the state of the sex glands and the endocrine system of a man was known to people in ancient times. A large amount of this vitamin is found in vegetable crops. So among vegetables you can select all types of onions.

A very significant vegetable culture, which plays a big role in the fight against impotence, is carrots. It is carrots that contain a large amount of vitamin A, which is considered one of the main vitamins that increase "masculine strength".

Vitamin C is a potency regulator. So make up for the lack of this vitamin, you can eat spinach. Such fruits to increase potency like lemon and kiwi also contain the necessary amount of vitamin C. Also do not forget to eat currants, peppers, cabbage in any form and rose hips.

Positive effects on potency are produced by products of animal origin with a high protein content. This, of course, includes meat and milk. Just do not forget that excessive consumption of animal products can lead to the appearance of excess weight and, most importantly, to produce a negative effect - a decrease in potency. In addition, many people, because of their moral and moral principles, their views simply can not eat meat dishes and animal products. All the necessary substances contained in these products, they make up the diet from products of plant origin. These people have to manage with vegetables and fruits to increase potency. Vegetarians find this substitute in parsley, cabbage, beetroot, celery, radish, carrots, salad and red pepper.

The active action of onions for hanging potency was known in ancient Rome. The Romans were the first to discover the miraculous property of onions to strengthen male power. In addition, they are the fact that if you use onions with chicken eggs, then this action is increased several times.

Residents of cold Siberia to combat male weakness invented their own national recipe. The main element here is garlic. The recipe is very simple. You need only 1 kilogram of garlic, filled with boiled water. Garlic should be infused for about a month, and then the medicine is ready for use.

Exciting effect is provided by various kinds of greenery (caraway, parsley). It is very useful to use a decoction of turnip seeds.

Of course, to get the most powerful effect from the "love diet" you need to use not only vegetables and fruits, but also meat dishes, milk. Also some sweets contain the necessary substances, for example, chocolate.

The main thing is not to forget that a diet is, first of all, a diet. That is, if you eat a huge amount of the same oranges, it will not have the proper effect, but, on the contrary, can cause negative manifestations. Excessive consumption of citrus fruits can cause allergic reactions. Thus, if you decide to increase your potency, then you need to carefully compile your diet and not allow "abuse" of these products.

Among some men, the opinion is that the use of alcohol contributes to the increase in potency. It's all nonsense. Scientifically proven that also beer increases the number of female hormones in the male body, which in no way can have a positive effect. In addition, the use of alcoholic beverages adversely affects the condition of other organs (stomach, heart, liver).

Before you start to "sit" on a diet, always consult with a specialist so that you do not have any other health problems.