Ways to wear a scarf

Scarf is a wonderful accessory with which you can supplement or completely change the whole image. A lot of different textures and colors help make the outfit more interesting and original. Even warm winter scarves can look very fashionable and beautiful. Today we will tell you how to wear a long winter scarf, yoke, pipe and many others. Also you will learn about winning combinations of fabrics.

How to wear a scarf in the summer?

Of course, everyone knows the purpose of the scarf in winter, but not everyone imagines this wardrobe item in the summer heat. Variants of how to diversify your summer image.

  1. A turban on the head. Very fashionable and bold decision. This method is not suitable for everyone fashionista. Typically, the turban looks good on tall brunettes with the right features.

    Also it is necessary to take care of a suitable outfit. It will be beneficial to look skirts in the floor or a long dress. Below you can watch a video about how to tie a turban.
  2. You can tie a scarf with a triangle. Take a square cloth and wrap around the neck in such a way that a triangle is obtained. The ends should be in front, but you can tie them back.

  3. For the evening exit, a scarf tied in the form of a tie is perfect. Wrap the cloth around the shoulders, and tie the ends to the knot in front. Remember, for summer choose only light and breathable tissues.

How to wear a short scarf?

Short scarves can also be turned into a spectacular accessory.

Here are two interesting ways to wear a short-cut scarf.

Silk fabric can be tied in the form of a bow. Make the "accordion" and in the middle tie the knot. Wrap the scarf around the neck so that the knot is under the chin. Put the tips crosswise from the back and pull forward. Then pull them through the knot for strength.

Cotton or wool short scarf is perfect for a coat. Fold the fabric with a roll and put it around the neck. The ends are crossed twice from the front, and then, tilting back, tie it to the knot.

Ways to wear a scarf in winter

One of the popular ways to tie a long scarf is to wrap it twice around the neck, and the ends to release forward.

Also very effective looks the scarf, wrapped once around the neck. Well if the fabric has a pattern or pattern. Thus, the front side with the image remains in front, and the second end falls off on the back.

Clamp or snod remains at the peak of popularity and this season. Dense knitted material allows you to create a lot of folds on the neck. Wrap the tissue around your neck several times, and put the ends under the bottom. Also, the snoods are whole, not requiring independent tying.

Scarf-pipe is worn almost as well as a yoke. However, the pipe is often characterized by a narrow cut and is perfectly combined with jackets, raincoats, coats, vests and sweaters. This scarf can be both casual and elegant.

Holiday options with beads, sequins and sequins will complement the evening outfit.

Video about the ways to wear a scarf in winter

How to wear a scarf to a man?

There are many interesting ways to wear a scarf for men.

The Paris knot. Looks good with a short leather jacket and a low collar. The ends can be left outside or hidden inside.

Single node. Youth version for a sweatshirt, windbreaker or sports jacket. Gives the image a mischievous, slightly impertinent note.

Double knot. There are many ways to tie a double knot. The first node can be made weaker, and the second one can be tightened more tightly. The ends will look great loose or tightened into a knot.