We reveal secrets, how to become favorite and most desired

A woman without love, like a rose without the sun: sooner or later wither, never fully revealed. It is love that gives us, women, infinite energy, inspires, inspires and makes beautiful. Of course, she also transforms men and does better. But it is for the beautiful half of humanity that love is one of the basic needs underlying personal happiness. In this article, we will try to figure out how to become a beloved, irreplaceable and most desired for its second half.

I love, and, therefore, I live!

This line from V.Vysotsky's famous poem fully reflects the importance of the presence of mutual love in the life of every woman. It is very brief, but it is capacious enough to express the main reason why we all strive for love.

The fact is that due to certain psychological features a person only then fully feels himself as an integral and harmonious person, when in his life there is another person who sincerely loves and accepts him. As a child, this role is performed by the mother, and in the adult life - a loved one. Of course, you can argue that the person himself is a ready-made person, and he does not require any additions, but this is not entirely true. All of us need security, praise, admiration, care and attention, which can only be fully received from another person. And this is the main manifestation of love - a great sense of unity and full acceptance.

I want to be loved and needed!

If there were fairy-tale rules in our life, it would be enough to get a magic wand or ask for a Gold Fish and voila - "love to the grave" is assured to you! But, alas, our reality is far from the fairy-tale world and in this life it is necessary to achieve everything independently. Including mutual love. It's only in fairy tales and female novels that He sees Her, their glances met and an unearthly love flared between them. Modern men, if they take their eyes off their smartphone or tablet, are more likely to "meet the eye" with your neckline, and not to see your "deep inner world." Of course, you can continue to believe that somewhere else there are real romantics and princes. But wait until this endangered species from the Red Book finds you and makes happy your love, stupid! Firstly, the competition of "clever and beautiful women" is very high. Secondly, it can take so much time that the expression "to the grave" will be too actual. Therefore, if you want to be loved and happy now, and not once there, then take fate in your own hands!

How to become a beloved and desired woman?

So we got to the most important question, tormenting women all over the world, how to become beloved and desired. Immediately make a reservation that you will not forcefully love, and you can not build your happiness on another's grief. These folk sayings are full of worldly wisdom and are based on the bitter experience of our ancestors. Therefore, if you want to be truly beloved, desired and happy, then leave all attempts to spell and pull the man out of the family. If a man is not free or completely indifferent to you, it is not your man. He can not make you happy, no matter how much you want it.

It's quite another matter if you are both free and cute to each other, but it lingers with a declaration of love. In such a situation, it is possible, and sometimes it is necessary, to take the initiative in the relations to oneself. Just do it gently and gently. Because many men, like wild horses, only having smelled a hint of "bridle" of serious relations, immediately run, head to the head. Therefore, to tame your "Mustang" you need to gently, slowly.

To begin with, make your meetings for him the most desirable time of the day. It's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance:

But most importantly - do not make a man of his property. Do not try to control his every move with endless questions and calls. If you do everything right, he will tell you about where he was and what he did during the day. Do not be jealous from scratch and do not manipulate - it's terribly annoying strong sex. If you are concerned about his new secretary, then try to talk to him calmly about it, without rolling up hysterics. Learn to trust your beloved and from such an amazing woman as you, he will never go to another!

How to become a beloved wife?

Alas, it happens so that once you know a great miracle of mutual love, eventually people lose it. Life, problems, lack of money, eternal employment, children ... All this literally destroys romance in a relationship. And with it disappears and the desire to be close, to please each other and pay attention, care. Fortunately, if the love of the spouses is real, then it is easy to revive it.

And you need to start with romantic memories. Our memory is unique! And even if it seems to you that past feelings have long been forgotten, then try to revive them with photos, fragrances, music. For example, do you remember how you first met with your husband and what exactly in his behavior, appearance, manners hooked you to the depths of his soul? And what compliments did he make to you on a date? What song did you like to dance to? If you dig in the memory, you can find a lot of these strings that can bring back freshness to the senses. Even the fragrance of perfume, which you used at the time of your visits, can remind the loved one of the past passion.

Arrange a romantic surprise evening in your favorite restaurant, surrender to the memories connected with this place, and forget about all the problems for a while. Remind the husband of the beauty he led under the crown many years ago. And even if your appearance has changed a lot, then a beautiful dress and a good make-up will help you impress your loved one.

Remember that it is necessary to restore the former acuteness of feelings step by step, gradually. And one appointment is not a panacea. Try to pay more attention to your husband, less quarrel and take offense, talk more and discuss common problems every day. Noticing your efforts, a beloved man will definitely support you and soon you will experience a second honeymoon together!

Love yourself and be your favorite and desired

And in conclusion we add an important thought: if you do not love yourself and respect yourself, do not expect that someone else will love you. Therefore, if in your life there is not this pure and sincere feeling, then start with love for yourself. Just do not confuse true love with egocentrism, selfishness and narcissism. Self-love is acceptance and approval, inner harmony and a sense of unity.

Encourage yourself for good deeds and important achievements. Learn to constructively criticize your mistakes. Strive for self-development and spiritual growth. Find time to learn a new face of your personality. And very soon you will notice that your life is changing for the better, and many problems leave it forever. Be kinder to yourself and others. Respect your body and take care of it. Realize your plans and dreams. Learn the harmony! And she, like a magnet, will certainly draw into your life the knowledge of how to become a beloved!

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