Urinalysis during pregnancy: transcript

Urinalysis during pregnancy decoding
Pregnant women, in addition to the joy of their situation, will invariably have to face with less pleasant moments. In addition to toxicosis, mood swings and constantly growing abdomen, you will have to visit doctors regularly and take tests. Yes, it is very tiring, but very important in order to give birth to a healthy baby.

Often, you will have to pass urine tests, because it is this product of the body's vital activity that can reflect possible problems with certain organs. But an extract with figures will say little to an uninitiated person. Therefore, try to understand the decoding.

What tests usually take during pregnancy?

There are several studies that can assign a woman.

The last two studies are prescribed in cases of special problems, usually limited to general clinical analysis.

Explanation of results

Let's consider each point in detail in order to understand what problems can be brought by certain identified elements.

In any case, after finding one of the listed elements in excess, the doctor will have to immediately prescribe the treatment.