What to do in the evening: the best comedy series

Very often after a hard working day, I want to see something fun and interesting. In order to entertain us, every year the film studios shoot a huge number of serials. But not all of them can be called qualitative. However, among the endless "soap" operas, masterpieces are still being sought, which not only amuse, but also bear some meaning. We will talk about them today.

The Courage-Bombay

Translation studio "Courage-Bombay" is engaged in the adaptation of serials. Translations of "Courage" can not be confused with anything. Despite the one-toed translation, this studio can rightly be considered the best, at least in the genre of comedy series. If a person says "bugagashenka", "tragedia", "matryushka", it means that he exactly watched the series according to the version of "Courage-Bombay". To date, the studio has translated four wonderful American series, making them truly masterpiece, it is thanks to such a translation. It's "How I Met Your Mother," "Everyone Hates Chris," "The Theory of a Big Bang," "Mike and Molly."

The series "How I Met Your Mother" tells us about a company of five friends: two girls and three guys who live, work, look for their love and, of course, get into various ridiculous situations. Each character of the series is original and interesting. Ted is an eternal romantic who constantly wants to find true love, but because of his amorousness and kindness he always starts relationships not with those women. Robin is a direct and persistent journalist, whom her father brought up as a child, as a boy, instilling in her a strong dislike for "pink snot". Lily is a talented artist, a little eccentric, cheerful and cheerful girl-spark. The marshal is a good-natured and honest lout, distinguished by an extraordinary and big heart. Barney is a ladies' man and a womanizer who creates a million rules of removal and believes that success comes only to those who wear expensive suits. Watching this company, you always want to laugh, and sometimes weep, because despite the comedy genre, there are also heart-rending scenes in it.

"The Big Bang Theory" is a story about four young people who, despite their ingenious mind, can not find girls, as few people share their hobbies with comic books, games and "Star Trek" views. In addition, one of them can not talk to women at all, while he does not drink, he literally just grows numb, and the second considers himself to be the highest stage of evolution and does not communicate with women out of the need. But in their life everything turns around when Penny enters the next apartment. This girl from Texas, who grew up on a ranch, does not have a great mind and talent, but at the same time in her own wise and kind, makes geniuses break away from the prefixes and at least slightly change their lives.

"Everyone hates Chris" - a very kind, family series about the childhood of the famous comic Chris Rock. He tells about the life of a black family consisting of three children, a father and a mother in the black quarter. At the same time, the mother wants to grow up her children from cultured and educated children, although in such an arrangement her desire leads to a lot of curious situations. And the father works on three jobs to give them everything if possible, and does not notice that counting every gram of sugar poured out, immediately translating the damage into dollars (and most often cents), is at least ridiculous. SamKris, as an older brother, is constantly tormented by the responsibility of the younger ones, assigned to him, and at the same time tries to establish his life and sticks in some kind of funny situations. The peculiarity of this series, or rather the translation, is that it is completely made "under Russia". That is, all the names of the characters are replaced by the names of the characters, the family, as it turns out, lives not in the black area of ​​the American city, but in South Butovo, and mother, Roxana Babayanovna, adores Alla Pugacheva. Thanks to such a translation, a good TV series is perceived almost as a masterpiece, because all American jokes, adapted to our understanding, look simply gorgeous. In addition, it is really a very kind and true story about the family, which it should be, regardless of the circumstances.

"Mike and Molly" - a series about two fat people who, at last, could find love in the face of each other. A very kind and positive series says that weight is not yet provoked by love and the search for a half. And, of course, he's funny and funny, thanks to the originality of the main characters and their erratic, unconventional relatives and friends who are constantly not sitting still and they strive to get into any trouble.

For watching any series according to the version of "Courage-Bombay" time really flies unnoticed, because they are bright, joyful, funny, positive and humane. A Russian translation - this is a special zest, which makes watching comedies again and again.

English humor

For lovers of specific English humor, the real find is the series "Bookshop of Black". He is short enough in the season and barely has twenty episodes, but watching this episode is impossible to get bored. The plot and events revolve around the three main characters, each of which is very extraordinary personality. Bernard Black is the owner of a small bookshop that loves books, but hates buyers. Eternally gloomy and dissatisfied Irishman can quite run a booklet of the buyer and hang a sign on the door, on which both sides are written "Closed." But in spite of his tart nature, there is some kind of an enchantment in Black, because of which he likes spectators. His assistant, accountant and friendMenni - the exact opposite of Black. He is a hippy who believes in good, always tries to help people and in general, is very social, unlike his boss's associate. But because of his kindness and clumsiness Menni chastovlipaet in some stories and funny situations. Fren is a friend of Menni and Black, a saleswoman from a nearby store that can never arrange her personal life. From time to time, she tries to be the voice of reason for Bernard, but then wags everything with her hand and goes with them and Menni to the pub. In this series everything is funny: replicas, the behavior of heroes, the situation. You can watch it without looking up from the beginning to the end and get a lot of fun.

Domestic series and series of the nearest abroad

Of course, we should not forget about Ukrainian TV shows. Among them, you can distinguish "Matchmaker", "Misty's Tales", "Interns" and "rabbits + 1". The first two series are very kind, funny, sincere and truly genuine. In them everyone can see what he knows from childhood, learn about the characters of his relatives and friends. After watching these series on the soul becomes really warm. They are the same as the old Soviet comedies: kind, intelligent, humane and insanely funny. "Interns" and "Zaitsev + 1" are pain-loving. They capture funny scenes, interesting dialogues and a huge amount of really high-quality jokes. And, of course, you should not forget about the characters, among which the picturesque doctor Bykov and the equally shocking Fedor are especially prominent. To listen to these characters and look at them is one-pleasure.

These series, to this day, can be called the best. Millions of people watch them without looking up and looking forward to the series. Therefore, if you do not know what to do yourself, be sure to start watching at least one of them, and you definitely will not be able to stop until the last series ends.