What to give for the New Year 2018: 5 budget ideas that you just like!

Before the celebration is less than a week, are you still in search of a gift? We offer options that will surely please family and friends!


"Delicious" presentation is an excellent choice for children and adults. The advantage of such a surprise is that you can make it yourself. Homemade marmalade, Christmas gingerbread, candy with nuts and dried fruits, chocolate paste or jam - not only beautiful, but also useful. If you are not a cook, just collect a set of miniature jars of honey or jam - the recipient will be delighted.


Here, the choice is no less extensive: at your service are both democratic novelties of the mass market, and home master classes on soap making on YouTube. Whatever you choose, remember: cosmetics should be universal, do not have a pronounced flavor and do not contain allergens. Exception: if you know exactly the preferences of the gifted person.

Beauty sets

It is not necessary to give relatives and friends bored duets from the bath gel, shampoo and shaving foam. Show some creative, slightly changing the sets. Beautiful lacquer + nourishing hand cream, hair minus + body lotion, soap with minerals + light perfumed water - sets that will please your dear people.


Mittens with scarves, jumper, scarves, socks with funny patterns - lovely New Year surprises. Do not forget about the astrological symbol of the year - Yellow Dog: choose the presents in golden-beige, terracotta and bronze-brown tones.


Tickets for an exhibition, a movie show, a massage or a tasting can also be a great surprise for a friend or a loved one. Beautifully pack them, wrap with satin ribbon and write a few warm wishes.