When the Protection of the Holy Virgin in 2016?

Cover the day - this is one of the great Christian holidays. There are several versions that explain the name of the holiday. One version says that the Pokrov is named after the first snow covering the earth. The second argues that in the Blachernaia church in Constantinople, the defenders of the city saw the Mother of God, who covered them with her own garment, thus demonstrating her patronage and protection. Of course, Christians prefer the second version of the origin of the name of the holiday.

When the Feast of the Intercession in 2016

If you are wondering when the Pokrov day is celebrated, remember that the date of this Christian holiday does not change from year to year, it is constant - this is October 14. On this day all believers go to church for prayer, in which they ask for intercession and mercy from the Mother of God. In the folk traditions of the Intercession is also the day when the autumn meets with winter. Girls this holiday is called still as the Wedding. The fact is that it is on the Pokrov that it is worth asking the saints for a good husband and a happy marriage. Single women who dream of leaving their parents' home faster and finding a family should go to church on October 14 and appeal there to Paraskeva Friday and the Mother of God. They will certainly help them to "cover their heads", that is, to marry.

During the years of the celebration of the Christian holiday of the Intercession, many traditions have arisen, and proverbs have also been adopted. For example, just since October 14, people started to celebrate weddings, and it was possible to play them from the day of the Intercession to the Nativity of Christ. If the weather on the Pokrov is sunny and clear, then the winter should be soft and not too frosty. Well, if the snow has already fallen, then it is necessary to wait for severe and frosty weather in winter. If the leaves do not fall on the covers before the Pate, this indicates a good harvest for the next year. And one more sign that Christians always adhered to: you can not ask for money or lend money to the Pokrov.

As the Day of Pokrov is celebrated

Naturally, on the Pokrov, on October 14, all Christians try to visit the church to pray with prayer to the Mother of God. But apart from prayers people performed special rituals in their homes. Such traditions made their life more fun and busy. People believed in the magical power of all the rituals committed on the Christian holiday of the Pokrov.

So, mistresses on arrival from church baked thin pancakes. And men with the help of these pancakes and special conspiracies performed the "cover of the house." They walked, holding a pancake in his hand from corner to corner, raised him to the roof and sentenced a prayer, thereby protecting the house from the cold winds.

Since it was to Pokrov in the villages that all the household works in the gardens were over, it was adopted in the second half of the festive day in the yards to burn apple tree branches. People believed that such a rite helped to make sure that their homes were not afraid of severe winter frosts.

Be sure to honor Christian traditions and at least on such great holidays as Pokrov day, try to visit the temple or church. This will not only strengthen your faith, but will also make your inner peace more peaceful.

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