Why men are afraid of a serious relationship

Most men do not seek to associate themselves with serious relationships, considering their independence and freedom to be more important than the stability and regularity of family life.

And all men always sincerely assert that they dream of a quiet family hearth, children and gentle affectionate wife, but not now, but in the future.

Let's see why men are afraid of a serious relationship? A common reason is the reluctance to "bind" yourself because of unsuccessful novels in the past and, as a rule, the more a man becomes frustrated in a love relationship, the more he grows fear of failing again, respectively, they do not seek to bind themselves to stable long-term relationships with the opposite sex. Men who observe divorces and the sharing of property of relatives and friends subconsciously seek to "postpone" fateful events, because, in fact, divorce is a kind of defeat for the stronger sex, so men try not to meet defeat on their life path. Some men are constantly in search of the ideal woman, because she is the most beautiful, the most understanding and affectionate, will always understand and warm. Finding some shortcomings in other contenders for a serious relationship, the man "sweeps" the candidate because of inconsistency with his ideal. Other men, even already in love with their second half, try to avoid talking about living together, simply believing that at the moment it is too early to think about any prospects. Most men, although they postpone marriage, in the end, bind themselves by marriage. But there are also types of men who are not capable of stable and lasting relationships at all. Some men with serious attitudes try not to hurry. Rather late growing up, these representatives of the stronger sex have not yet developed and are afraid to introduce everyday life of family relations into their lives. Another type of men, the so-called "hardened bachelors." As a rule, they are already 35-40 years old, these are men who are accustomed to living alone, rely solely on themselves and rely absolutely on nothing in their life. Feeling an attachment to a woman, realizing that she begins to occupy important importance in his life, such a man deliberately begins to distance himself - cancels the appointment, calls less often, refers to constant urgent matters. The hardened bachelors are reluctant to invite a woman into their home, not to mention daring to live under the same roof. It is better to shy away from such men, unless, of course, you are attracted to the role of being an eternal friend.

What do we, the fair sex, so willing to live with their beloved man a long and happy life? The only way to turn a relationship with a man into a long and stable life is to accept his point of view. Constantly tormenting a man with questions about the prospect of a joint future, the woman begins to put ultimatums "So, you do not love me! "" I do not matter to you! " etc. , begins to cry and grow sad. Such methods almost always give an imminent fissure in the relationship and lead to the opposite result. A man, seeing the sufferings and torments of his partner, decides to simply leave, so as not to experience feelings of guilt prevailing over all other emotions.

But there are also signs that you can easily understand that a serious relationship in a man's life is a priority and he treats his partner responsibly and seriously. The first sign can be determined if in the conversation of a man with his chosen one or with friends the pronoun "we" appears more and more often. Male psychology argues that if a man begins to identify with another person, he has long since given up his status as a loner and is building his future together with his partner. If you spend a lot of time together, this is also a sign of a serious relationship. A man who is not interested in sharing time with a woman (unless of course this is not a love affair), will spend his free time on sports, hobbies or entertain in a cheerful company of friends. Evidence of trust and special disposition is the fact that a man is able to entrust "favorite toys" - a computer, a car and other things dear to him to his woman. Quarrel is another sign of a serious relationship. Only a man in love, who values ​​his woman, will spend time and nerves on a quarrel with his mate. Naturally, the intention of a serious relationship between men is a quarrel with a good outcome. An important sign of a serious relationship is acquaintance with parents and friends. Friends are a society of a man in which he can be himself and relax, therefore, acquainting his chosen one with his parents or friends, a man seeks approval and opinions from the important people. Well, the most frank and clear sign of the seriousness of relations is the construction of plans and prospects for a joint future. This means that the man begins to take responsibility not only for himself, but also for his beloved woman. And if a man decided to live with his beloved, let it be with talk that this is for a start, to better look at a friend, undoubtedly, this is a big step in the right direction.

What kind of women are loved and preferred by men with far-reaching plans for a serious relationship? Women who give him the opportunity to feel like a man who does not impose what is for breakfast and strictly controls meetings with friends who understand and accept the interests of men. A smart interlocutor with whom you can talk on any topic. A respectful man who listens to his opinion, even if she does not agree with him, diplomatic and tactful in difficult situations. Whichever woman a man chooses for himself, it is important to remain for him the best and most attractive! Do not forget that strong feelings are not alien to men and the main reason leading a man into the world of family life is always love!