Why Ravshana Kurkova is not getting married

Ravshana Kurkova is an incredibly beautiful and charismatic actress. In its appearance many are attracted by subtle oriental features - as if Sheyherezada herself had left the pages of "1000 and one night". In the actor's plan, she gathered a lot of fans thanks to the diverse roles with which the actress excellently copes. Other aspects of the life of Ravshans are of interest to the public no less than the actor's talent and external data. Many are worried by the questions: why does Ravshana Kurkova not marry, with whom she meets, how old is an actress, why does she look so young and so thin? We will try to open the veil and learn about the behind-the-scenes of the oriental beauty, her biography and her personal life. And, of course, we will find out how Ravshane Kurkova manages to keep herself in such excellent form.

Biography of Ravshany Kurkova

Ravshan was born in 1980 in the capital of Uzbekistan - Tashkent. Creative atmosphere surrounded the girl from birth. Dad is an actor in the theater, and Mom is an actress and film director. Parents of Ravshan studied in one of the best theatrical universities of the country - VGIK. There they met and decided to start a family. Since childhood, Ravshan was fascinated by the acting profession, she knew all the subtleties of the shooting process and dreamed of following in the footsteps of her parents in the future. But father and mother were against such a future for their child and wanted her to master a more "serious" profession.

Bahram Matchanov - father of Ravshan

Rano Kubaeva - mother of Ravshany

Grandmother and grandfather Ravshany - strict upbringing and boundless love

An important role in the formation of the personality of the actress was played by her grandmother and grandfather. Two opposites, each in its own way influenced the character of the girl.

In the photo - Ravshana Kurkova in her childhood

Grandmother is a doctor by profession. She was a supporter of strict education. Therefore, a small Ravshana lived on a clearly established schedule. The girl was not allowed to walk until late, the time for phone calls was also limited - no more than 15 minutes a day. But, nevertheless, my grandmother was very fond of her little granddaughter. Therefore, she fully took up her education, while 18-year-old mother Ravshana completed her studies at VGIK.

In the photo - grandmother Ravshana in his youth

Grandpa was a softer person. The actress still recalls with warmth and gratitude their conversations under the starry sky, evening reading of books and fascinating chess tournaments. Grandfather became the prototype of the ideal man for Ravshan. She always sought to find a gentle, caring and strong man who would be like her beloved grandfather to create a family.

Elite education

Not only her upbringing was aimed at the daughter of her whole family. Much attention was paid to its education. The girl was trained in the best educational institution in the whole of Central Asia - the Tashkent Musical School named after V. Uspensky.

Then, Ravshana studied in an equally prestigious private school in Tashkent - International House. All the subjects in it were taught exclusively in English - after graduation, the high school student planned to study at the University of London. In the late 90's the family moved to Moscow, where the girl entered the Pedagogical University at the Faculty of Philology.

After graduating from high school Ravshan Kurkova worked as an editor of a talk show on television, and also mastered the profession of assistant director. The girl constantly aspired to realize the children's dream and to become the actress and the director. Therefore, the future actress supplemented her basic education with Higher Directing Courses. In addition, she mastered the skills of acting by attending Tatiana Pyshnova's lessons.

Actor career

Ravshan began to appear in films at an early age. At the age of 12 she took part in the film "The Secret of the Ferns". It was a philosophical thinking in the art house style from the director Rashid Malikov.

After graduating from directing and acting courses, Ravshan received many episodic, secondary roles. But her fame was brought to the film "Barvikha", in which she played the role of the most beautiful girl of the school and class leader, a resident of the elite Rublyovka - Angela Konkulova.

In total, the actress has more than 40 films. And the roles that Ravshan performs are different and completely different. She does not have an established role, every time she appears in front of the viewer in different images. And this speaks about the high acting abilities of the actress. In the photo - Ravshana in the film "Indian cinema", 2009.

The most characteristic role of Ravshan is the image of Mavluda Edgarova in the movie "And we are in the yard." In the film, the actress plays the role of a female doctor, who had to move from Samarkand to Moscow in search of her missing husband. On the photo - The role of Mavluda in the movie "And in our yard" brought even greater popularity to Ravshane Kurkova.

"Visiting Urgant" - Ravshan about the film "And we are in the yard"

But not only the main roles of the actress cause admiration from the fans of her talent, even the secondary roles do not go unnoticed. For example, many remember the image of Nellie from the movie "The Island of unnecessary people." Here Ravshan managed to play the ambiguous role of the mistress of the protagonist - Nellie.

No less interesting images actress creates and on the stage. She participates in such theatrical productions as "Black Russian", "Illusions", "Unbearably long embrace" and plastic drama "Rooms". In the photo there is the performance "Unbearably long embrace" with the participation of Ravshana Kurkova.

I tried my acting forces of Ravshan, shooting in clips. Bright work - video for the song "Tenderness" group Machete. The role of a gentle, dreamy and passionate girl was clearly a success for the actress. That is why not only music, but also a beautiful video series were highly appreciated by the audience.

Ravshana Kurkova - personal life of the actress, her novels and official marriages

The career of the actress at Ravshan has developed successfully. She is considered one of the most sought-after, talented and beautiful actresses. She has a sea of ​​fans and a whole list of successful roles in the most popular films.

But, unfortunately, in the personal life of the actress, everything is not as cloudless as we would like. Two broken marriage, a series of unofficial relationships and a lot of novels attributed to the actress by her own fans or foes - this is the result of finding the ideal family ties. Although the actress herself does not consider herself unsuccessful on her personal front. She is happy with her life, and the fans who advise her to get married quickly and have children (they say, age is pressing) thinks that they are tactless and stupid people who are in captivity with stereotypes.

The first husband of the actress is photographer Semen Kurkov. She met him when she was still a student and studied at the philology department. Marriage promised to be strong, because the young couple so dreamed that their family was happy, and it always heard sonorous, childish laughter. But fate prepared a difficult test for lovers - in the fifth month of pregnancy Ravshan lost a child. With this life exam, young people failed and soon parted. Maybe that's why the TV star does not like it that way when asked about whether she has children.

Semen Kurkov is the first husband of Ravshan

Failed attempts to create an ideal family. Why did Ravshan Kurkova part with Ilya Bachurin and Artem Tkachenko?

The second husband of Ravshan is Artem Tkachenko. At first they were bound by friendship, but then the warm relations grew into a novel and ended in an official marriage in 2004. He lasted only four years and fell apart because of Artyom's unwillingness to become a father.

Artem Tkachenko - the second actress's husband

Several years after the divorce, Ravshan lived alone, although she constantly dreamed of finding the only one with which one could create a full-fledged family, have children and live happily ever after. In 2012, the actress gets acquainted with Ilya Bachurin, the general director of the Glavkino group of companies. Ravshan and Ilya were often named the most beautiful couple in the film industry.

Officially, the couple did not formalize their relations, but Ravshan still hoped that this was the man who would give her family well-being. But this unregistered marriage was also a fiasco. After 3.5 years, Ravshan and Ilia split up. In the press, they explained that they remained good friends and do not keep evil against each other.

Scandal with Fedor Bondarchuk in the title role

Approximately at the same time, the press received photos from the actress's instagrams, in which Ravshan and Fyodor Bondarchuk positively and positively posed before the lens. The appearance of pictures completely out of place coincided with the divorce process of a famous actor and director.

Many rancorous people said that Fedor and Ravshan are lovers, and that is why Bondarchuk's long and happy marriage broke up. Fallovers were not reassured even by joint photos of Ravshan and Svetlana Bondarchuk, as well as an actress photo with her civil husband Ilya Bachurin, which she placed on her page after the previous ones.

What caused the divorce Bondarchuk - is unknown, this celebrity is silent. But the scandalous photos clearly did not benefit the reputation of the oriental beauty.

With whom is Ravshana Kurkova now meeting and is it true that the actress got married?

Now, after all the unpleasant and scandalous stories experienced, the film star prefers to keep silent about the details of his personal life. But recently in the media appeared headlines that in August 2017, the actress remarried. Its new elect became actor Stanislav Rumyantsev. It is said that this young and cheerful guy conquered the heart of Ravshan, and his difference in age does not stop him completely (he is 10 years younger than his chosen one).

In the photo - Ravshana Kurkova and Stanislav Rumyantsev They did not begin to advertise their wedding and secretly got married in the city of Sochi - well-known magazine editions said. But Ravshan herself refutes rumors about her marriage, preferring to ignore the issues related to her personal life. The actress only occasionally shares her secret thoughts about what true love is. In this video - Ravshan Kurkova on what should be 100% love.

Why is Ravshan Kurkova so young looking and so thin?

One of the most common questions related to the appearance of Ravshana - how old is this beauty? Many consider her very young. The actress does not hide her age at all and looks great in her 37 years. If you do not look at her passport details, then it is almost impossible to believe.

As a child, Ravshan suffered from her thinness, as in Uzbekistan there were other concepts of beauty - these are lush and luxurious forms. But now what confused the girl in her homeland was her main advantage. The genetic predisposition to fullness has become a pledge that the actress looks much younger than her years.

In her interviews, she claims that she does not torture herself with diets and even often allows herself to eat high-calorie and not very useful food. And the secret of his harmony considers genes, playing sports and a positive attitude. These three components do not allow her to recover, allow to remain in magnificent form and to please fans not only with talented actor's data, but also with invariable harmony and beauty with gentle, eastern notes.

Ravshana about its ideal form