With what to wear timbers?

Soon a beautiful time will come. Spring is the best time of the year. It's time to take off your warm jackets and boots. But what to put on? Maybe we can try the timbers? If you are not yet familiar with them and do not know what they should be worn, today we will deal with this issue.

What are the timbers? This is comfortable and quality shoes. Fashionable women from all over the world loved leather boots with lacing on thickened soles. "Timberland" - the manufacturer. Now these shoes are called just like that. They are very comfortable and look great.

A bit of history

To date, the timbers can be found even 33-34size. But before that everything was different. The models were intended exclusively for men. And the timbers were not women's shoes. Their history began in 1902. At the same time Nathan Schwartz immigrated with his relatives to America. He was a shoemaker and created this model of shoes.

In 53 years he was able to buy a shoe factory and expand the production of the Terrurbend. Boots were the same in 1965, then they learned how to connect the saddle to the top of the shoe without seams, and already in the 70s the timbers began to conquer the hearts of people. They literally turned the world of fashion.

The Timberland brand was able to establish itself as a reliable and high-quality producer. So wearing this shoes is a pleasure. People who understand the fashion will be able to appreciate your taste and style, if you wear such shoes. After all, timbers are shoes with a centuries-old history of creation. This is a legendary footwear for the whole world.

With what to wear timbers?

These shoes are just an obvious example of unisex shoes. They are suitable for women and men alike. They even have almost the same model. Therefore, if you have one foot size with a guy, you can safely put on his shoes! This is a joke.

In addition, you need to have a suitable outfit to wear them. So how do you look like you are wearing the timbers?

The best and best option is jeans, probably you guessed it. It will be great if you put on a shirt, jacket and jeans. Just a lovely option. To look more feminine, we recommend wearing beautiful and shiny accessories. It will decorate the girl. The best combination for timbers is a checkered shirt. A win-win image for a girl, although for a guy too. Dzhinsy should choose narrowed models with lapels. The image can be supplemented with a t-shirt or tunic.

Timberlands are not replaceable for modern man. This shoe quality, durable, waterproof and everything else is also convenient. Ideal! The classic version of the timbers is the mustard color. But now you can find shoes of any color. You can buy bard, pink, blue and all the colors that the soul will ask for. You can wear shoes with any style of clothing.

Timberlands can be combined even with a dress. From maxi-platyevmy we recommend to refuse - it will look a little rough. Suits dresses a little above the knee. It will look great knitted or crocheted. We offer a couple of good images for you. Try combining a light bag (chiffon, guipure, etc.) with shoes. You can wear a dress-sweater, leather and tight pantyhose. A good option. To combine incongruous, you should decorate yourself with different accessories. But do not overreact the stick with the color shades.

"Men's" shoes can be worn under both mini and medium lengths. As we said earlier, maxi should be discarded and the "pencil" also does not fit. If you have a proportional figure, you can wear a short skirt.

With the help of timbers, you can create a business image. If you wear it with a dark bottom and white top, everything will turn out. Will look stylish, bold and fervent. Wear tight pants and a white blouse. It is already fast, so in the warm season it is recommended to wear timbers with shorthies, and short sarafans with such shoes are also well combined.

Just do not combine the timbers with wide pants and flared flippers. It looks ridiculous.

With what to wear boots in the spring?

Once you are preparing for the spring, it's time to think about what to wear these beautiful shoes. While it's cold, they can be worn under the down jacket. Practically any shape will fit, only it should not be below the knee.

Perfectly fit the park. The park is the middle between the coat and the long jacket. They perfectly complement the timbers. The park can be worn on top of a knitted dress or tunic. You can choose a coat-trapezium or an "oversize". It is advisable to combine timbers with a sheepskin coat. Only not with the classic fur coat, but from artificial fur, which are now in vogue. Best if it is a colored and shaggy sheepskin coat.

Choose a leather or suede jacket for the color of your shoes. The color must match. This will give your style a special flavor.


We have said more than once today that for femininity, images will need accessories. But what exactly is it worth combining with the timbers? It is worth choosing the right bag! Boots are perfectly matched with backpacks and bags "postmen." They are worn over the shoulder, it's convenient, but not all this style to taste. Now in the fashion fabric "ekosumki." Choose a bag more, the more, the better.

The best thing in the image will fit knitted hats and scarves, the berets will look good.

Which tights to choose?

Still cool? This is an excellent reason to wear warm pantyhose, but they do not fit any shoes. But just the timbers are combined perfectly with tight pantyhose. You can experiment with different colors, even choose with patterns.

If you are the owner of classic sandy shoes, then tights fit burgundy, brick, olive, purple, black and white. Not bad look laced knitted tights of milk and black color. And in extreme cases there are always classic body tights. They are always in fashion. Exceptions were tights-net and gypsy. They just do not fit for such shoes. It will look strange. Perfectly combined knee socks, leggings and little boys.

Timberlands - shoes for comfort. They are great for traveling, walking and hiking. Shoes for the active girl. Therefore, if you do not have such a pair of shoes, then it's time to buy yourself. Timberlands should be the girl's name. They will sooner or later be in each of us in the wardrobe.