4 beauty-secretes Ivanki Trump: beauty in presidential terms

Ivanka Trump is in no hurry to reveal the secrets of her attractiveness, preferring to show the world the image of an ideal woman - always slender, stylishly dressed and charmingly smiling. But persistent journalists managed to find out the main beauty mysteries of the American princess number 1 - some rules should be noted!

Careful cleansing and massage is the way to the elastic and radiant skin of the face. The scheme is simple: first - make-up, then - washing with a delicate gel and applying the cream with light point motions along the orbital bones, the line of cheekbones, from the wings of the nose to the temples. The regularity of the procedure is the key to success: make it a night after habit and enjoy the result in a month.

Salads with vegetables and herbs are the basis of a diet for a beautiful figure. The traditional Greek salad is good, but do not be limited to them: in order to love vegetables - they need to be cooked so that they are delicious for you. Choose the best and juicy seasonal fruits, experiment with combinations, proportions, seasonings and marinades. Your favorite recipes will perfectly suit as light snacks, useful side dishes and even a late dinner.

Drink plenty of fluids. Water with a couple drops of lemon or a pinch of ginger is an excellent tonic in the morning. Green tea, drinking yoghurt without additives or vegetable smoothies will not only satisfy hunger, but fill the body with energy. But be careful with fruit juices - they better eat one hour after eating.

Physical stress is necessary to maintain spectacular forms - especially after thirty. Without the gym can not do, but here's a fitness complex is better to choose together with the coach, given their own needs and preferences.