4 secrets of an economical wardrobe: how to buy in sekondah and drains

Sekond or stock-shops - an excellent opportunity to acquire unique, unusual or branded things at a really ridiculous price. Is not it an attractive way to diversify your images? We tell how to turn budget shopping into an exciting, and - importantly - productive work.

How to pay for clothes less: second hand shopping

Rule number 1 - things from second-hand do not have to form your wardrobe - just to complement it. The principle is simple: quality shoes, cheap handbags or good watches that you already have will make an excellent company Armani luxury jacket or Max Mara Weekend coat, successfully found on a stock sale. The result: a more stylish and "expensive" outfit than one that can be created from the novelties of the mass market. Purchases in the second allow you to "redistribute" the budget, making up fashionable and memorable combinations.

Mix of stock and new things: budget and spectacular

Rule number 2 - be picky. Carefully study the labels, labels with the composition of the fabric, the state of things. Why do you need a polyester dress with a neon print or a faded blouse, even if they are from Maison Margiela? Pay special attention to stains, scrapes in the area of ​​the armpits, gates and hem, overlapping holes. Your goal is a new thing (preferably with tags) or in perfect condition. But the lack of a button and a defective lightning can be ignored - replacing the hardware is easy in any atelier.

Choose things of famous luxury brands without serious flaws

Rule number 3 - please be patient. Choose several shops with a wide range. Do not be lazy to periodically look at them during the days of importation of a new product, during discounts and shares, study income and balances. A jacket from D & G or a Celine bag is not so much luck as a result of planned effort and attention.

Analyze lukbuki fashion bloggers, to be aware of the current trends

Rule number 4 - do not compromise. Do not be tempted by the price, if the thing is frankly large, has an unpresentable appearance or does not fit into your wardrobe. Either you find something that really suits you - or you do not need it.

The purchase should be expedient