Actor Felipe Colombo

Actor Colombo, Felipe - a man who embodied on the screens the role of Manuel Aguirre in the series "The Rebellious Path." It is thanks to this series that many fans still remember and love Felipe Colombo. They wonder how this guy found himself, as an actor Felipe.

Actor Felipe Colombo was born on January 8, 1983. The family of the future actor Felipe Colombo at that time lived in Mexico City. So, like his character Manuel, Felipe is really a Mexican. But, despite this, Colombo has been living in Argentina for more than ten years. The actor got to this country, thanks to the filming in the TV series "Detvora". Yes, he, like many other young actors, began his journey from this project of Chris Morena. At that time, Felipe was still quite a teenager. Colombo came to Argentina with his mother, who initially helped the guy in everything. But then the actor for a long time lived himself. However, this is not surprising, because in two years the boy will be already thirty. Somehow I do not even believe that the cute boy of their "Children" and a serious young rebel and a seeker of the truth from the "Rebellious Path" has long been an adult man.

It is worth noting that Felipe was born into a family of actors. Therefore, since childhood, he somehow was involved in acting. The guy from an early age showed his acting abilities, he sang and danced well. These talents helped him to get on the set of "Children". After all, this series was not only a game, but also a musical and a dance. However, in the "Rebellious Path" there were also a lot of musical and dance scenes. And, as you know, the band "Erevay", in which Colombo sang and played, was formed on the set of this particular series. Together with three of his colleagues and friends on the show, Benjamin Rojas, Luisana Lopilato and Camilla Bordonaba, Felipe traveled all of Argentina and Mexico, also visited Europe. Albums "Erevaia" bought up at a frantic pace. Fans of the series loved the work of this group, so Felipe always remained on the crest of popularity. After the shooting in the "Rebellious Road", Colombo was involved in other projects. He played a lot in the theater, starred in the comedy series "The Ferro Family." His character Lucho, according to Felipe, looks like him. It's just that Felipe could not do the same thing as his hero because of a certain way of life. But, at the same time, Felipe never regrets that he did not have the opportunity to live the life of an ordinary, unknown teenager. Already at a young age, he absolutely consciously chose the career of an actor, knowing full well that he would have to give up some joys that his peers who are not shooting on TV shows will receive. Therefore, the guy was sometimes sad when his classmates were discussing another event on which Felipe could not attend because of the filming. But, on the other hand, he perfectly understood that in his life there are also those things that his classmates can envy. Although it should be noted that Felipe never wanted to become an example of envy and worship. In general, Felipe treats himself critically enough. Looking at how he plays characters on the screen, a guy can be angry with himself and criticize for oversight. He never tries to justify himself. But, at the same time, Colombo is not inclined to a meaningless self-flagellation. If he sees that he has played well, he can always praise himself. Especially the guy is happy in those cases when he successfully improvises.

By nature, Felipe is a loner. He loves spending time alone, resting from the public, crowds and film sets. You might think that it happened because the guy lives alone. But he says that they have all such independent in their family. That's why when he was eighteen, Mom understood his desire and went back to Mexico, leaving his son to live in Argentina. Although, according to the actor himself, then he did not feel much alone. He constantly had to be either on the set of the "Rebellious Road", or go on a tour. But still the guy admits that when he came home, sometimes he really wanted to talk to someone in his family to relieve the emotional burden. Therefore, Felipe admits that he misses his family. Although they are seen not so rare. The guy often visits his mother, and the pope, from time to time, himself arrives to shoot in Buenos Aires, to take part in this or that television project.

Felipe has good friends. First of all, it's Kami, Lu and Banha. If we talk about Camille, then they still have excellent relations with Felipe. When someone starts hinting at a romance between them, the guy just laughs. He has repeatedly explained to people that Kamila is very close to him. She's his sister. Let not by blood, but by life and spirit. Therefore, they can calmly go around hugging parties and this will never mean anything, except that this girl is his very close friend who can understand and support. However, Benha and Lou for him, too, like family. They know almost everything about each other, because they spent too much time together. Yes, of course, everyone knows that he and Lou still had a novel that lasted three years. But it was a youthful hobby. And it was overshadowed by the scandal, when everywhere there was a video from the makeup of Colombo and Lopilato. At that time they were still teenagers and such interference in personal life plunged young people into shock. Lou was especially worried. Felipe perfectly understands it and says that at that time he himself began to paranoia. But time has passed and now everything is in the past. They remained wonderful friends. As we know, Luisana married this year. Well, Felipe, met some time with the model Cecilia Bonelli, met with another Cecilia. It was she who chose Colombo. On November 3, 2009, they had a daughter, Aurora, and today Felipe is a happy husband and father. He acts in films and serials and pleases his fans with new interesting roles.