Actress Claire Holt

Sexy and very effective blonde Rebecca Michaelson from the series "The Vampire Diaries", which dreams to end the life of a vampire and become a man who can love and be loved. And also very nice and kind athlete-mermaid Emma Gilbert, one of the main heroines of the Australian youth television series "H2O: just add water." It was thanks to these two roles that many fans of the series started talking aloud about the Australian actress Claire Rhiannon Holt.

Some biographies

Claire Rhiannon Holt was born in the third-largest city of Australia, Brisbane. And it happened on the eleventh day of the first summer month of 1988. The Holt family was quite large in number of relatives, besides, the girl was not the only child: besides her, there were two other sister sisters and an older brother. In addition to forty cousins ​​and cousins ​​along the line of a father who had nine sisters and brothers. The mother of the future actress is a native Englishwoman, that's why the girl has visited Britain once in her life, considering her, you can say her own home. From the very childhood the actress simply can not live without adventures, which, most likely, passed to her as a legacy from her father, who more than once, along with his daughter, went to conquer Kilimanjaro.

In 2005, Claire finishes training at one of the cantonmentary boarding schools Stewartholme for girls, located in Tuvong, a suburb of Brisbane. At the time of the training she was a member of the school choir and was actively engaged in playing the piano. The first theatrical experience the girl received at the school - playing in one of the school productions of chicken.

The beginning of the acting career

Her career as an actress Claire began absolutely randomly. The girl never dreamed of acting career. Ever since childhood, her dream was to become a doctor. Pushed Claire to actor's craft her desire to make money for pocket money: in order to make money, the girl began to appear in a variety of commercials. These mini-debuts remained unremarked and thanks to their cute and bright appearance. The girl was asked to play her very first big role on television in the TV series for teenagers "H2O: just add water" (2006-2010), where she played the mermaid Emma Gilbert. For two seasons Claire Holtblistala on the screens, but when after the second season she was offered to star in the continuation of the series, she refused, because at that time already had a tempting proposal to play the role of the eldest daughter of farmer John Rollins - Lindsay Rollins in the horror film directed by Martin Barnwitz "Messengers 2: Scarecrow" (2009).

After this role, the actress began to notice in public, where she did not miss a single social event. Already at the end of 2010, the actress is officially approved for the role of Honor Meyer in the sequel to the illustrious film "Mean Girls", or rather, its second part. A bit later, the actress is removed in one of the episodic roles in the American television drama drama series "Lovely deceivers".

But as it were there, and the role of the sexual vampire Rebecca Michaelson of the popular series "The Vampire Diaries", in which the actress began to act on the end of August 2011 and does this to this day, will be remembered for ClareHolt fans for a long time.

In 2012, the premiere of the eponymous adaptation to the New York bestseller of one of the novels of Donald Miler - "Sad as Jazz", where the actress was assigned one of the main roles.

Images of Claire Holt Nakinohkane

Nobody will argue with the fact that world fame and recognition brought the actress, of course, the role of Emma Gilbert from the series "H2O: just add water." As Claire said: "This role has brought her a colossal and unforgettable experience in life. And as far as communication with dolphins, young pups and an amazing underwater world of reefs, I'm really very keen on this. " At the time of filming, the actress was able to find a very close friend for herself, having got acquainted with the Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin, who is known to us defiled by Cleo Sertori in the TV series "H2O: just add water." Girls are friends until now. By the way, ironically Tonkin is a partner of Claire Holt and the "Vampire Diaries", where they are actively being removed. Phoebe plays in the TV series, a werewolf girl, who is called Hayley and who is trying to help the werewolf vampire Tyler Lockwood.

For the filming in the series, the girl had to train every day and practice a lot. Actress had to swim for hours, wearing a real "tail of a mermaid", the cost of which was 80 thousand dollars.

As for the heroine of the series, this is a very correct relationship with a girl, a caring sister and a devoted girlfriend. In a word, the complete antagonism of Rebecca from the Vampire Diaries.

Quite good Holt was able to cope with the role of "cheesy" girl from the acclaimed comedy Chastity Meyer ("Mean Girls 2"). By the way, at that time, the fans of the actress called a lot of conflicting emotions image, which she had to portray on a nakinoescreen. But returning to the same "Vampire Diaries" I want to note that the role of such "stervochka" Claire Holt is clearly going to face.

Personal life of actress

Most of all events in 2009, Claire Holt visited with her boyfriend Rafi Gavron. Paraformially parted in 2010.

To date, the actress is very close to one of his colleagues in the series "The Vampire Diaries" by Joseph Morgan (her older brother on the TV series Klaus). But as the actors themselves have stated more than once, there is nothing between them and they are just very good friends.

Interesting facts about the life of Claire Holt