Beautiful birthday cards with your own hands

A birthday card for most people is an integral part of the gift. With her help, you can congratulate the birthday person, express your attitude to it and show how much it is dear. Often among the options that are in the store, it is difficult to find the right one. Maybe I do not like the picture or the words. Therefore, it is much better to make a card by yourself. Let it take more time, but it will be appreciated, because a person has put a soul into it.

Photo of beautiful postcards made by own hands

Some people even in their childhood had to make greeting cards to please their parents or friends. For adults, homemade cards are always the best gift from their kids. But this does not mean that homemade congratulations from colored paper or cardboard can be done only for children. Adults can also show their imagination and present an original present to close people. You can add flowers, sweets and other pleasant things to it. Any grandmother, mother and other close people will appreciate it. This is much better than the animation sent on the Internet. To get ideas for a postcard, you can look at interesting options of other masters:

Make a birthday card: step by step with photos and videos

To make a homemade card on the strength of each person. If you did not have to do this before, then you can do a simple craft. Well, if the experience is already there, then you can try to do something more complicated. The product can be addressed to mother, father, husband, grandmother, grandfather, daughter, son, girlfriend, his man or woman and other people. Of course, it will not hurt to take into account the characteristics of each age group, so as not to lose with congratulations. In this master class, we propose to make an interesting version of the average complexity. First you need to stock up on materials that will be useful in the process. What you need:
  1. Pearl base for the postcard (10 by 19 cm).
  2. Cardboard of golden hue.
  3. White cotton tape.
  4. Decorative rope of brown hue.
  5. Ribbon in brown peas.
  6. 3 beige rhinestones.
  7. Brown button.
  8. Scissors, glue, tweezers.
The color scale can be changed to your taste. First, cut out the base for the product. Measure rectangle 20 by 19 centimeters and bend it exactly in half. Now take a cardboard of a golden hue and adjust it to a triangular figure, the angle of which is 90 degrees, and the adjacent side is 9 cm. Glue it to the base. Again, take the gold cardboard and cut out the rectangle 2.5 by 9 cm. Cut one corner. Now we do the following: place the part on top of the base.

On the golden edges, glue a white ribbon, pruning the corners in shape. It should turn out neatly. Now take a 10 cm ribbon in polka dots, fold and connect. Do the same with other parts, there should be only 4 pieces.

It is necessary to assemble the ribbons in a flower. And it's time to make an inscription: "Happy birthday!". It can be done by hand or printed. The inscription must be glued on top under the golden part. From the golden cardboard you need to cut a triangle, then take a brown lace and attach it from the back. The triangle needs to be wrapped around, and the end - to fix with glue.

The detail should be applied to the base approximately in the middle, and from above place a ribbon flower.

In the button, pass the rope, make a knot, and then bow. Place the resulting object on the craft. Add a few rhinestones to taste.

Now the postcard is ready. It remains only to write a congratulation poems inside and hand it to the recipient. If you want, you can paint something or change it with beautiful inscriptions. You can give this option to a girl or to do for a mother and grandmother. For your man or grandfather, it's better to come up with a more courageous option. Another option card with your own hands can watch the video:

Variants of poems for beautiful birthday cards

Poems - an integral part of congratulations. It is better to write them yourself if there are poetic abilities. If rhyming words does not work, then you can take ready-made options. There are many more options on the Internet, and if nothing can be found, then you can ask someone from the talented friends to write a quatrain.

Photo of mini birthday cards with decorations

Small postcards can also look good. The main thing is that they can be successfully decorated to please the eyes of the recipient. Ready ideas can be borrowed from other people. Photos of mini-cards: