Cleaning the face from black dots

Many people know about the black points on the skin of the face. The scientific name of this defect is comedones. They are the precursors of acne and acne, so the first priority task is to clear the face of black spots. Often, comedones appear in the T-zone (chin, nose, forehead), where there are many sebaceous glands. There are many reasons why they appear, but the common cause is that a woman does not properly cleanse the skin. To remove comedones on your face, you need to carefully and correctly cleanse your skin twice a day. Before you go to bed you need to wash your face and take off decorative cosmetics.

Cleaning the face from black dots

In addition to washing, you need to periodically use 2 times a week additional means, such as face peeling and cleansing masks. Cosmetologists say that black dots can be removed in the beauty salon. It's good when you can trust yourself to professionals, but if you do not have such an opportunity, you can clean out comedones at home.

How to eliminate in-house black points in the T-zone?

It should be cleaned with a means for washing and make a light peeling. If the skin is inflamed, then scrub can not be done. After cleansing, the face is steamed. To do this, make a steam bath with herbs. For sensitive and dry skin yarrow and wormwood are suitable, for oily skin, horsetail and chamomile are suitable. After the steam bath, you can begin cleaning your face from black dots. Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap and treated with alcohol or a sterile bandage to wrap the fingers, previously moistened in a 1% solution of salicylic acid. Now mechanically remove the komendons by pressing from both sides and with light movements of the hands to remove sebaceous plugs. When the procedure is finished, pores should be narrowed with a special lotion or tonic. Then make a tightening mask and at the end moisten the skin with a cream.

The face during cleaning must be wiped with 3% hydrogen peroxide, it disinfects the skin, removes and loosens the scales. Alcohol tinctures and alcohol are not recommended, they make it difficult to clean, dry the skin and narrow the pores. If there are many black dots, then they are removed not immediately, but in part. It is better to re-clean after 2 days.

For those who do not want to squeeze out black dots, there are cleansing masks, the effect of using masks is not so noticeable. A special plaster will remove the black spots. It is glued on the chin and wings of the nose. The procedure will be more effective if you paste a patch on a steamed face. To fix the effect, you need to remember to clean your face 2 times a day in the mornings and evenings, use masks and scrubs. Depending on the type of your skin, you can add to the tonic a few drops of essential oils and a few drops of salicylic alcohol. Bergamot fights excess fats, Chinese magnolia shrinks pores, mint improves complexion, tea tree is an excellent antiseptic. It is not recommended to use oils every day, it is necessary that the skin rested for 3 days.

From the black points, you can get rid of face cleaning, use tips and clean your face of black spots, or contact a beauty salon, they will help to cope with this problem.