Consequences of drug abortion

Consequences of medical abortion of the first pregnancy
Although pregnancy is happiness for most women, some still decide to interrupt it for certain reasons. We will not delve into the moral aspect of this issue, since it depends on the personal circumstances of each person. In some cases, doctors themselves can advise you to interrupt pregnancy if the fetus has been found to have serious developmental disabilities that are incompatible with life.

Despite the fact that termination of pregnancy (or abortion) causes very contradictory feelings, this concept is firmly rooted in our daily life and it is worthwhile to find out on what terms it can be done and by what methods.

The main ways to interrupt pregnancy

Depending on the term, the following procedures are carried out:

How does the procedure work?

During the procedure, it is necessary to have a doctor's control and it is better if the first stage is performed in the polyclinic.

Despite the fact that this method of termination of pregnancy in the early term is considered painless, it is worthwhile to refrain from women who suffer from bronchial asthma, serious cardiovascular diseases or diseases of the liver and kidneys.

It is possible to conduct the procedure only in the clinic and with the permission of the doctor, so as not to cause serious hormonal disorders. In any case, whichever method of termination of pregnancy does not have to be experienced by a woman, feedback about this event is always filled with pain and suffering. And given that no one, even the most professional doctor, can guarantee the absence of problems with subsequent pregnancy, the situation is aggravated even more. Therefore, if you do not plan to have a baby, it is better to pay attention to modern methods of contraception, rather than exposing yourself to the risk of getting physiological and moral trauma in the future.