Delicious recipes for dishes from chicken stomachs

stomach recipe
Chicken stomachs are a healthy and low-calorie product. They contain a large amount of folic acid, which is necessary for pregnant women. They are also rich in vitamins B and E, fatty acids, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. In addition, this product is low-calorie. It contains only 130 calories per hundred grams. Byproducts are indispensable in the children's diet, because they practically do not contain fat. How can chicken stomachs be cooked in the best way? Recipes for the most delicious dishes we collected in one article.

Recipes of chicken stomachs can be found in many culinary books of the world. In Europe, the dishes are served as a side dish with mashed potatoes. In France they make salad from warm chicken stomachs, and Italians like pate from this delicacy. In Korea recipes of dishes from chicken stomachs are mostly combined with a sharp soy sauce.

  1. Salad of fried chicken stomachs
  2. Chicken stomachs in Korean
  3. Chicken stomachs in a multivariate

Recipe number 1. Salad of fried chicken stomachs

Tasty, delicate and very satisfying. The recipe for fried chicken stomachs can be used for festive banquets, and for a simple family dinner.

Necessary ingredients:

Cooking method:

  1. rinse well and clean chicken stomachs. The recipe can be realized in 10 minutes, but before that you need to boil the stomach until soft. This can take up to 2 hours. When the main ingredient is ready, cut it into strips;
  2. slice onions and carrots. Fry in a pan. Add stomach and lightly blend all together;
  3. Stir chop cucumbers. Mix the contents of the frying pan, cucumber and green peas in a salad bowl;
  4. season with mayonnaise, decorate with greens, serve to the table hot or cold.

Recipe number 2. Chicken stomachs in Korean

Fans ostrenkogo necessarily appreciate the recipe for chicken stomachs in Korean.

Necessary ingredients:

Cooking method:

  1. first clean and rinse chicken stomach. Boil in salted water until half cooked. Cut into strips;
  2. chop the onions and garlic. Fry the onion in a frying pan. Add stomach to it, pour chicken broth. Cook over low heat for 10 minutes;
  3. add soy sauce, garlic, pepper, other spices to your taste. Boil another 5 minutes. Add greens and turn off. Fried chicken stomachs are served in Korean style with rice noodles or asparagus.

Recipe number 3. Chicken stomachs in a multivariate

If you have such a miracle device as a multivarker, you will definitely love this recipe for chicken stomachs.

Necessary ingredients:

  1. we clean and cut stomachs, onions, carrots;
  2. cut tomatoes and peppers into strips;
  3. stack the stomach and vegetables in the bowl. Add water, spices, bay leaf. Turn the multivark on the "quench" mode;
  4. we serve chicken stomachs with potatoes or rice.

Chicken stomachs - a specific product, which will appeal to lovers of meat. As you could see, recipes for chicken stomach dishes will satisfy any gourmet. Therefore, hurry to move from theory to practice.