Diet of Hallelujah

This diet is a vegetarian low-calorie diet, which consists of 15% of cooked food and 85% of raw foods. In addition, the diet should include all kinds of supplements with enzymes, useful fats and B12 vitamins.


This diet was developed by the priest George Malkmus. Together with his beloved wife Ronda, they wrote a book with recipes, which was created by the theory, which they themselves invented. The name of the diet was given to the family farm "Hallelujah Akers." The creators say that the Hallelujah diet is the direct path to God in the well-being of ripening, it is an opportunity to start a healthy lifestyle and moreover, this is the best program for weight loss.

The list of products that can be consumed is very limited, but basically the menu contains large meals with different, but low-calorie foods.

The main conditions of this system of nutrition are a minimum of calories and starvation.

Most of the diet is taken by fruit and vegetable juices. Priest Malkmus claims that it is the juices that give the opportunity to our body to get all the nutrients. And in his book, he and his wife indicated that our digestive system extracts only 35% of the necessary and useful substances from the products, and from the juice - all 92%.

Many nutritionists disagree with this categorically. They say that juices have virtually no effect on the absorption of nutrients by the body, because our stomach is supplied with a powerful enzyme system, namely, they are responsible for the digestive processes (absorption and digestion).

Diet Hallelujahuetuet every day for thirty minutes to do physical exercises and sunbathing.

What's in the menu?

Foods in the diet are not particularly diverse, in general, it is necessary to give preference to fruits, vegetables, food additives and several vegetables from processed vegetables and cereals. Diet Hallelujah provides only two meals, and if you really want to eat, then two more small snacks are allowed. Only during lunch you can eat thermally processed food. Fruits should occupy 15% of the total volume of the daily menu.

What should be on the menu?

Animal products, products of animal origin, sugar and sugar syrups, spices (and even pepper with salt), coffee, tea, energy drinks, cocoa, alcohol, peeled flour, lemonades, sweetened dried fruits, artificial sweeteners, caffeine and canned fruit are prohibited.

But this is not the whole list of prohibited foods. They also include meat soups, all sorts of sweets, margarine, rice, breakfast cereals, canned vegetables, fried the nuts and seeds, all fried foods and hydrogenated oils.

Nutritionists believe that because of such a long list of forbidden foods and the duration of the diet itself, the body will not have enough of useful and useful substances.

The American Dietetic Association, which approves vegetarianism, warns that if you adhere to this diet, then the risk of vitamin D, calcium, iodine, zinc, iron, vitamin B12, protein and omega-3 will be increased. Therefore, dietitians advise, before you sit on this diet to visit a doctor, so he approved your choice and convinced you that the diet is well balanced and healthy.

Kakrabotaet diet?

Naturally, such a power system will allow you to lose weight. But at what price will you achieve this? Such a small amount of calories can not provide the body with the right energy level, and the fact that many products are banned will lead to a shortage of useful and necessary vitamins and substances.

However, the creators of the Hallelujah diet say that if one consumes only natural products, then over time the body will give up the habit of consuming salt, sugar, caffeine, flour and animal products, in addition 90% of physical ailments will be cured. There are a lot of "horror stories" about the fact that if you start eating normal food again, you will feel acute attacks of hunger and unusual thirst.

Opinion of nutritionists and doctors

Experts approve of the use of vegetables, whole grains and fruits, but note the negative side of the diet - low calorie and monotony. Moreover, they do not approve the provisions of Jorge Malkmus on this diet, because they are groundless.

Many people are convinced that boiled foods are less nutritious than raw, but this is not true. In reality, thermal treatment can even improve the absorption and absorption of food in the gastrointestinal tract. Many nutrition experts and doctors advocate this. By their nature, people are omnivorous, and our body is designed so that it needs nutrients (fatty acids and proteins), for example, eggs, chicken or fish.

The Hallelujah diet is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, children and many adult people because of its imbalance, insecurity, and because it is untested clinically. But for what only women will not go for the sake of a slender body.