Dima Bilan died ... again ... Singer in shock, video

They say that if people rant a man, he will live long. It seems that Dima Bilan will last two hundred years, no less, because the topic that Dima Bilan is dead appears in the RuNet for the first time.

One can only imagine how "glad" the reports are to the artist himself, whose fans go crazy, only in the mass media they give out another sensation about the death of Dima Bilan. Google ofigev, answering the requests of frightened fans who are trying to find out why Dima Bilan died, did he really die when and how many Bilan died ...

And the most interesting thing is that a few months pass, when the hysteria around the death of the singer ceases, when suddenly any publication will throw a droplet, sadly informing the latest news: Dima Bilan died this morning ...

Dima Bilan has died, long live Dima Bilan: the latest news from the Internet

So, once again learning that Dima Bilan is dead, we decided to find out what the latest news about the death of the beloved singer provoked. After wandering on the Internet, we learned that in March of this year there were rumors about a serious illness of Dima Bilan. Talk about cancer was caused by an unexpected change of image - the singer shaved his head. As you know, people who suffer from cancer often lose their hair due to chemotherapy. Therefore there and then in the microblogging of the artist there were wishes for a speedy recovery.

Then Dima Bilan, who previously toured extensively, flew to Ireland for a few weeks. Photographs from this small European country, giving off a mild depressive monotonous landscape, alarmed the fans.

Well, the information that in Ireland medical centers specialize in the treatment of oncology, narcology and neurology, only increased the anxiety of the fans.

In his Instagram Dima Bilan often places photographs, on which he looks serious and thoughtful. Naturally, some particularly impressionable fans, considering new photos, immediately conclude that Dima Bilan is sick and dying.

And then the press is connected, giving out discussions in the Bilan Instagram about his deadly illness at face value.

What happened to Dima Bilan: the singer's comment on the rumors of his death and treatment

All this time, Dima Bilan did not comment on any information about his serious illness, nor rumors of death. In the microblogging of the singer, new photos continued to appear, and subscribers were still worried about the health and life of their idol.

The other day the artist went to Africa, promising the fans to share their impressions of the exotic journey. However, Bilan's photo again alarmed his subscribers:
elzarafikova1961 yes Dima. you yourself put such sad photos. which causes anxiety .....
belara5081 Dima you have pale eyes and I'm restless in my soul :( :( :(
evulechek You Th all the time whether tired, or shuffled, sad ((((
oistamokh_bakhtieva And why such a headpiece ?? Maybe you're sick Dima?
After reading the comments in his blog, and seeing there assumptions of some followers that he went to Africa for treatment, Dima Bilan could not stand it. Being always sufficiently reserved in his emotions, this time the singer very hard commented on rumors about his illness and death:
You know what, great friends! No, not those who have their right to opinion, but those who have a sick fantasy on the topic of my illness or illness, or any such nonsense that suddenly I'm going to be treated in Africa !!!! I never wrote such comments, but got it !!! God give you all health, but I'm not going to pay attention to all the stupid bloggers who created the program in your YouTube or make references to the fact that I died !!! Spread the full crap !!!

Further, Dima Bilan added that he has many interesting projects ahead of him that will require concentration of forces. And for this the actor needs to have a good rest and gain positive emotions.

Dima Bilan is sick and dying? Look at the appetite of the "dying")))

We hope that our material will reassure the fans of Dima Bilan, who showered the network with questions from the series: "It's true that Dima Bilan died." No that's not true. Dima Bilan feels great, he does not die, but enjoys a vacation, which can be confirmed in his microblogging. But for those who are sure that Dima Bilan is dead, we recommend to see the video recorded the other day by a singer in Africa. Bilan has an excellent appetite - he loves to eat bananas fried with carrots. It is unlikely that a person on his deathbed would so quickly absorb exotic dishes:
We note in Zen this material 👍 and remain aware of all the intrigues and scandals of show business.