Fashion manicure 2009-2010 autumn winter

Undoubtedly, that for every woman is very important manicure, which is given as much attention, as well as other components of the image of women: jewelry and fashionable hair. This is confirmed by different original collections, which are regularly created by well-known stylists. Women who follow fashion, basically always want to know not only about the latest trends in their clothes, but also in their beautiful manicure. Basically every self-respecting, modern woman always pays very much attention to the appearance of her nails.
Effective manicure is the finishing touch of any outfit. The hands of a woman should always look great and be well-groomed, as they are often noticed.

It is not enough just to follow the nails, the manicure should be in accordance with the fashion season. Fashionable manicure emphasizes the individuality of a woman, is an expression of her original style, mood, preferences and tastes.

Fashion manicure 2009-2010 autumn winter is distinguished by bright and unusual colors, a diverse color palette, far from the classical one. Fashionable was the shape of the nails, as in the summer season - classic in the form of a soft square and almond-shaped, the average length of the nails is still in fashion.

French manicure.
Classical French manicure, perhaps, will always be in vogue due to its versatility. It is ideal for a party, an office, a family celebration and a business meeting. It is not necessary to adhere to only the traditional form of "French", you can experiment, for example, to apply the tips of the nails not white lacquer, and black.

Gothic and gray fashion manicure season autumn winter.
In the fashion now varnishes of dark shades of Gothic style: brown, black and bitter chocolate.
Fashionable autumn manicure can be created using gray shades of varnish or mixed with some other shades.

Vintage and metal.
Vintage is also relevant. If you like a varnish with a metallic tint, you do not need to buy it in a store, it's quite easy to make it at home using silver or gold foil. You will be happy with the fashionable flickering effect of this varnish.

"Lunar manicure of the 40s."
The novelty of the season was a manicure, popular in the 40s of the twentieth century. It differs in the design of nails in the form of a crescent. Shades of varnish can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from bright coral to blood-red.

This manicure has a second name - "Hollywood jacket" because of the technique of execution. First, using a varnish of the same color, emphasize the nail of the nail, when the varnish is completely dry, the hole is sealed with a stencil. Then the rest of the nail is covered with another varnish. Quite spectacular combination of white lacquer with black.

Matt paints.
Fashion manicure 2009-2010 season autumn winter can also be done with a matte varnish, creates a frosted glass effect, which is not everyone likes. Many companies produce new varnishes in two versions, both in matt and glossy.
On the nails on the advice of stylists need to apply a varnish of one shade. Matt can be applied to the gloss or vice versa.

Fashionable colors.
The main trends of the fashionable manicure of 2009-2010 season autumn winter are graphite color, olive and matte dark blue. For three seasons, a lilac color is popular.
Actual shades of autumn - winter manicure are: beige, sand, honey-yellow, bright crimson and gently pink. Fashionable are also dark shades: plum, eggplant and purple.

Julia Sobolevskaya , specially for the site