Fashionable shoes 2009

Shoes have long ceased to perform only a practical function. Now shoes are an important accessory, without which it is difficult to maintain the image and create a complete image. Every season, the fashion for shoes changes, so it is very important to monitor new trends. Fashionable shoes 2009 is a lot of interesting offers from the most famous designers of the whole world.

Classics or Art Nouveau?

Shoe shape is very important, whether it's shoes, boots or sandals. This year, designers demonstrated on their seasonal shows their findings and fantasies. Classic boats so to the end and did not leave the podium, but they were significantly pressed by new models. Not so long ago in fashion shoes with a very deep neck opening the bases of the toes. It is believed that Angelina Jolie appreciated the first such shoes, after which this fashion was sold all over the world.
On the eve of the summer, designers offer to wear light and elegant shoes. For example, fashionable sandals this year look almost weightless, they can be high-heeled or without a heel at all, but should maximally open the leg. So, for example, sandals woven from a lot of thin ribbons or straps, will be very popular.
Practically all shoes of this season are equipped with a strap, gracefully tightening the leg. These straps can be narrow, and can be so wide that they make shoes look like ankle boots. Up-to-date will be models with several straps that can braid the leg to the knee crosswise or in the style of Roman sandals.

It is worth paying attention to the high heel - this is the trend of the summer season, which occurs in almost all fashion models.


Fashionable footwear of 2009 is, first of all, comfort and high quality. Therefore, the skin remains relevant. It can be the simplest or the rarest, in fashion python skin, crocodile or imitation of them.
The most unusual models combine tough skin and lightweight fabrics. For example, the most massive leather shoes can be coquettishly decorated with an insert from satin or lace. In fashion, various combinations of textures - suede, fabrics, leather.


In 2009, fashionable shoes - this is a notable emphasis on the heel. For lovers of conservative style are models with a stable wide heel. Do not forget about the wedge, which is especially relevant in the summer.
But the classic hairpin remained outside the attention of fashion legislators. She was replaced with heels of freakish shapes - in the form of a glass, geometric figures, figurines. In this season, the heel can even be in the form of a question mark or crystal. It seems that it is impossible to walk on such heels, but the designers have applied all their skills to the creation of fashion footwear, so the shoes, however strange it looks, are very comfortable.


Fashionable footwear of 2009 differs by an abundance of ornaments. These are inserts of metal, enamel, wood, plastic, stones and rhinestones. The abundance of jewelry makes fashionable shoes the main accessory, which is designed to attract attention, make the right accent on the style of the attire or the beauty of the feet.
In the new models are decorated not only shoes themselves, but also heels. Heel can be absolutely transparent, with inserts of flowers and stones. Some designers have proposed shoe options, the heel on which is decorated with geometric figures, for example, cubes, which gives the impression that it consists of all of them. Locks, belts, buckles, brooches, flowers - everything is permissible this year.

Fashionable footwear of 2009 allows women to choose any model for any occasion from traditional to the most exotic. It's easy to find a couple for an office or a party, for a beach holiday or for walking around the city. In addition to beauty, all models of footwear in 2009 are designed to give women comfort, which can not but rejoice.