Fuuuu! Timati shocked the picture with bloody carcasses

Sooner or later all the celebrities are trying to do business. Rarely, who can stay in show business, re-qualifying for a successful producer. Usually the stars open production, catering points, showrooms, hoping that the new project will be profitable, and customers will "peck" at a big name.

Not so long ago, own rapper opened and rapper Timati. Advertising - the engine of trade, and therefore at every opportunity the musician tries to advertise the new business in his microblogging. From time to time on the page in the Instagram Timati there are the latest news, telling about "the most delicious and juicy burgers from marble beef".

Timati was criticized for a photo of beef carcasses

That's just besides the desire to at any cost to advertise your business, the rapper would do well to learn something about the rules of successful advertising. Sometimes because of the misconception of the goods, the whole business can "cover up"! A few blink back in the Instagram Timati there was a photograph of a rapper posing against a background of huge bloody beef carcasses. The rapper proudly announced that he had bought marble meat for his burgers for a week ahead:
I take a week's supply of "Marble Beef - Prime Beef" for blackstarburger !!! The quality was even higher !!! That is, on Monday we are still SOURCE and POWERFUL !!!

At the same time, considering that some of these photos may cause misunderstanding, Timati added:
For the faint-hearted: remember, a good steak does not grow on a tree 😉
Indeed, subscribers of Instagram Timati did not share the delight of their idol. The fallovers literally condemned the actor for such pictures in one voice:
anuta_bs_fan Not a pleasant sight 😞
kuzmenko.o1982 Enough to kill the cows. My God this is a corpse. 😭😭😭😭😭
helen_25_popova Not nice! 👎
anna_50881 Fuuuuu
jane.vincentt Similar photos are better not to publish ... Not very nice
kater_serova Nightmare, I'm not vegan, but on dick spread it out !! All of the beautiful pictures of burgers can be seen that it is delicious and quality!
Lay out how they eat grass, and then how to kill it! And all online still have fun! Without bashka, what really became
_aliceinawonderland_ Foo, already there was a perehotelos
It seems that a few more photos in Instagram Timati in the same style, and the restaurant business of the rapper can be folded ...