How does feminine humor differ from masculine?

Women are happy to joke - but than women's humor is different from men's, not everyone will understand. Fans of KVN and club gum, other shows and humorous programs are often inclined to exaggerate - ostensibly to women humor is not subject to influence. But in fact, female humor exists, but it is different.

Women drive cars and occupy positions of responsibility, not forgetting, however, their basic, natural purpose. So the girls try to win their place in the last stronghold of purely masculine entertainment - in humor.

What do women and men joke about?

The first thing that catches your eye when comparing jokes is the topic. Much of the "masculine" humor will also be funny to the ladies, but alas, men joke about fishing and bosses, and these are a few non-feminine themes.

Sometimes men, writing something funny, use themes common to both sexes, and sometimes even wander to the "female half". So there are all kinds of "Diary of a losing wife's husband", "The wife of a programmer" and other humorous opuses. But who wrote an anecdote or a funny story, is often understood at first sight.

Men often write humoresques and compose anecdotes about women's treason and sex in general. Women joke about it more accurately:

"SMS wife - mistress:

- I bought new pants for my husband, you'll see - check out.

From the mistress to the wife:

"I put it into the pocket of the Rafaelello panties - this is for you."

Perhaps, this is the most frivolous female anecdote "about this".

How do men joke?

The text and the overtones, the lack of tremendous speed of reaction and (sometimes) sarcasm, the fear itself is ridiculous or at the time become an object of joke - that's how female humor differs from men's. That's why any of the female versions of ProjectorPhilston, the female numbers in the Comedy Club seem so ... outplayed.

Men are tougher, and at the same time on stage (and, what's wrong, in life) they have nothing to lose. A woman always tries to save her face, and from this humor, sarcasm loses the lion's share of her efficiency.

If a man at the time of recording the show suddenly put himself a fool - he will beat this role so that everyone will be sure - and is conceived. If a woman lost her pre-invented joke - God forbid that she could bring her to the end ...

Or maybe this is a stereotype?

Most likely, than to argue that female humor is different from men's, it's better to think about stereotypes. Women raise children. They are prudent. They do not forgive the mind, but wit - all the more, attaching a label to the "bitch" or "snake under the palm tree". They are credited with virtues, and from the lively nature (including sarcastic statements, ridiculing something) recoil in horror.

So can a woman after this joke and be understood, accepted by any audience - not only female? Hardly.

Another stereotype can be considered a special focus of humor. Girls joke about relationships, and the better half of humanity often wins by them ... Is not this what makes men frown in reality?

Of course, there is also an anti-example - when divas of model appearance appear on stage, but with zero actor's data. But still it's not humor, it's rather called a beauty contest ...

The best female humor is ...

Of course, the best female humor is home, family. There are a number of jokes of limited, domestic "use." To joke on a friend familiar to two or three friends is easy. Try to make out of this joke general and make it on a wide screen, give it to a multi-million audience - stupidity. Most likely, it is because of the difference of topics and there is no specific, typically "feminine" humor. Or what is trying to replace it, men are forced out by all means.

On the other hand, than female humor differs from male humor, so it's the ability to be neat. "You yourself crest!" - Is it possible to fly out of the mouth of a charming young lady. And if you say softer - it will not be funny ...

Humor is to hurt another, but with a smile on your face

Therefore joke, dear girls, women, ladies. Joke, but remember - even if you really really want to get into the KVN or the Comedy Club, or (God forbid) in the "Curved Mirror", you'll either have to suffer the acid mines of the audience, or joke on the brink of a foul.

Remember the characters of Clara Novikova, Elena Stepanenko, Faina Ranevskaya, Tatyana Lazareva. Female humor filled with images - stuffed with fools, stupid women, peculiar and overly strange ladies. To be funny to a woman is the worst thing. It's worse than being ugly or stupid. But only this image can provoke a reaction from the viewer.

How does feminine humor differ from masculine? Perhaps its poverty. Because it's painful to slash backhand, poke your nose at someone else's shortcomings, without losing your dignity, it's very difficult.