How to distinguish high-quality cosmetics from counterfeiting?

Nowadays a lot of low-quality products have appeared on the Russian market. According to statistics - this is a third of all cosmetic products. The given problem is very actual, it causes interest and disputes of the public. There are forgeries of famous brands (more often than not) and little-known.

Many think that the guarantor of quality is a high price. This is not quite true. Unfortunately, no one is immune from buying a substandard product. Acquisition of these products can result not only in the loss of money, but also in harming health. A disagreeable fact. You can avoid this situation, it is enough to adhere to several rules. An easy way to make sure of quality is to ask the sales consultant or another store employee to provide you with a certificate for the desired product. It is this document that fully proves the consumer's safety. But this is not always possible. Therefore, we will consider some rules how to distinguish qualitative cosmetics from a fake.

1 package

First, examine the packaging of the goods. It should be clearly and accurately all written in a clear font. On fakes, you can see polygraphic defects: blurry, small letters. The materials that make up the packaging (cellophane, paper, cardboard) must be of good quality. The glue should not be visible.

2. Title

It is very important to carefully read the inscriptions on the package. Often manufacturers of low-quality products change the famous name, adding letters or changing their places, which is not very noticeable at first glance. Know that the originals always indicate the composition, name of the product, manufacturer, date of manufacture, storage conditions (if they require it), shelf life.

3. Barcode and batch code

It is necessary to remember the barcodes of the main producing countries. For example, if the code starts with the numbers 400-440, then the product is produced in Germany. Then you should look at the bottom of the goods and check the presence of the lot code. If the numbers are printed by the printer, then the production is counterfeit.

4. The price and place of purchase.
Pay attention to the price. If it looks too tempting, then, most likely, you have a fake. We also recommend buying cosmetics in a specialized store, not in stalls, in the market or in small shops. The chances of meeting unfair products there are increasing at times. Remember, saving on cosmetics, in the future you will pay much more for the services of a doctor.

5. Exhibitions

You are offered the whole set of certificates, consultants will help you find the right makeup. You can immediately try the product, and if you like, you can also buy the goods at a discount.

6. Composition and some aspects

7. Rating of fakes

You will not be prevented from being aware of what is faked most to know how to distinguish high-quality cosmetics from counterfeits. This is mainly decorative cosmetics: lipsticks, mascara, shadows, lip gloss, bright nail varnishes. Let a lot of spangles watch you: they usually hide obvious defects, namely rough grinding. Of the skin care products, for the most part, fake facial creams in tubes.

Famous firms always follow the authenticity of their products, fight in all possible ways with fakes. Almost unknown one-day firms, of which a huge number on the market, of course, are less selective in the means for obtaining money profit. And outwardly, you probably can not tell, for example, a low-quality nail polish, which is described in advertising as very strong - from the present. And you will understand this when using. The counterfeit lacquer slowly dries up, sometimes does not dry up at all, and is washed off at the first washing of hands. It should be noted that the public recognized the following Russian companies as safe: "Silver Rosa", "Farmakon", "Olkhon", "Mirra-Lux", "Green Mama", "Miraculum". These manufacturers of decorative cosmetics have proved their quality in the market.

Everyone knows how important cosmetics are for most women. Some of them make themselves more self-confident, others cheer up, others use it for some personal purposes. A good all-over cosmetics helps every woman develop hormones of pleasure that have a direct connection with other important systems of the body, especially the immune system.

PS In general, personally, I would advise beautiful ladies to use makeup less. Of course, it is clear that beauty requires sacrifice, but in some cases these victims are completely unjustified. You are very beautiful when natural! Good luck!