How to make a cone of paper

The cone is the simplest geometric figure. But you can make it yourself with paper or cardboard. Such an article can be used for various purposes. On its basis it is easy to make caps for a holiday or a New Year tree, sweets for sweets or a base for a decorative composition. There are lots of options. Based on the photos and videos below, there will not be any difficulties in the process of creating a paper cone. The main thing is to clearly follow the scheme of the chosen method and everything will turn out in the best possible way.

Necessary tools and materials

To make a cone of paper with your own hands, you will need to prepare some materials and tools:
On a note! You can use the school compass if it's easier to draw an even and regular circle.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Paper Cone

When creating a cone from paper, there will be no exact difficulties, if it is to approach the work responsibly. A simple step-by-step instruction with a photo will help in this process.
  1. To begin with it is necessary to select the optimum paper for forming a cone. You can take an ordinary material, intended for photocopying documents. It is not forbidden to use designer paper grades. The optimal solution - fairly dense and inexpensive - is a color semi-cardboard that is variable in shade, relatively resistant to external factors and perfectly holds the shape. It is on the sheet of such material that you will need to draw a circle with a pencil or a circle.

    Note! The diameter of the drawn circle will set the parameters of the future cone.
  2. Next, carefully cut out a circle of a sheet of paper along the marked contour.

  3. The resulting paper shape is divided into four equal parts using a pencil and ruler.

  4. Now it is necessary to determine the size of the future paper cone. If you use only one of the segments of the circle, then the craft will turn out to be too sharp and thin. But you can make a cone with a wide bottom and a small height. In this case, the whole workpiece with one cut segment is used. To get an average cone size, it is recommended to use the rule of the "golden mean", that is, it is necessary to take only half of the figure.

    Note! The latter method allows you to make two cones from one circle at a time.
  5. At this stage, you need to use glue. The resulting part from a sheet of paper, which was previously cut out, is taken to the edges. They need to be fixed with PVA glue. If the glue was not at hand, you can use tape or stapler. The latter option is the easiest, as it will only take a couple of clicks.

  6. In general, the paper cone can be considered ready. You just have to wait until the glue dries. You can (but not necessarily) also make a bottom for a piece of paper.

As you can see, making a simple paper cone is not anything complicated. The formation of such a procurement will not take much time, and if you are afraid of making mistakes in the process of work, you can use not only the scheme, but also the video offered below.

Decoration of the cone

Any cone created on the basis of a sheet of paper can be made original, bright and unique. This is especially important during the creative process to create a festive hood. The easiest way to decorate your little masterpiece with a drawing. For this you can use pencils, paints, markers or pastels. On the cone all sorts of patterns will look spectacular, for example, vortices, asterisks, zigzags, monograms. You can make a congratulatory inscription: it will look bright and colorful.

There is another option for decorating the cone. On a separate sheet of paper it is worthwhile to paint something and color it. The finished compositions are cut and pasted onto the substrate. Thanks to this technique, the design will be voluminous and more interesting. With the same purpose you can use ready-made stickers. If you wish, you can use rhinestones, beads, fringe from fabric or paper, decorative scotch and other classic or modern variations of decorating compositions made with your own hands in the style of hand-made.
Important! But it should be borne in mind that first you should decorate the workpiece, and only after that start the creative process. Such a rational approach will avoid some of the difficulties associated with the shape of the product received.

Video: how to make a cone of paper with your own hands

If you still have questions about how to make a cone of paper with your own hands, we suggest you see the videos below.