How to meet a guy in public transport?

Modern society is organized in such a way that many people often simply do not have time to do their personal life. In our world, where almost all the time goes to work and on the road to work and home, the question becomes acute: "And where can you meet a guy?"

And while we hurry to work or home, we do not even notice the huge number of people we meet in public transport. And sometimes, and look narrowly at the young people around you, because, as you know, perhaps among this large number of strangers is the one and only one, the meeting with which you have been searching for so many long years.

Let's destroy the stereotypes that the first is to get acquainted with a man and that a decent girl disgusts to get acquainted in the subway or on the street. In today's world, girls in many ways have to rely on themselves, so why not take the initiative in this matter?

But also I want to emphasize: you are first and foremost a girl, and therefore you should not act out of the blue. After all, girls know many tricks about how to get acquainted with a guy, and at the same time put everything in such a light that He was sure that the initiative came from Him, and it was he who made the first step.

So, here are some tips that will help you in solving a given problem: how to get acquainted with a guy in public transport?

  1. The first and simplest action that will help you get to know the guy is a smile. Just smile at him, you can build his eyes for him, because the man's greatest fear is to get a refusal and that's why they will not be the first to approach the girl they like. And you also are in public transport or on the street, where there are always a lot of people. And getting a public refusal is even more stressful for him, so let him know that you like him and he has a chance. Smile to him, build his eyes. Remember that the face on which the smile shines is always much more attractive and makes its owner more charming and attractive. In addition, the guy will be absolutely sure that it was he who saw you and decided to get to know you. Especially the convenience of this method you will appreciate, if in public transport the chair of your chosen one is located opposite to yours.
  2. The second way to get acquainted in transport with a guy is to cuddle up in the crowd. Which, by the way, is not so difficult to perform. In rush hour, let the crowd surrounding you accidentally press you to the guy you like. Just imagine, while he inhales the fragrance of your perfume and feels your body next to his, you raise your eyes and, smiling in confusion, look at him, showing that they are absolutely helpless and confused. The rest will depend on it.
  3. If the transport is spacious enough and the second way is not suitable for acquaintance with the guy you like, then when you pass by, pretend that you accidentally swung. And in order not to fall, you grabbed his hand or step on his foot, quite by chance naturally. It is very important in this way - it's your reaction in the first seconds. After all, its natural reaction will be negative, but you use your charm, your charming smile, your view is somewhat scattered. ... Now he sees before him a magnificent stranger. Of course, you should apologize while looking directly into his eyes, and your voice should be soft. Be responsive and caring. Tell me that you sincerely regret that this is an accident, you did not push it much.
  4. To directly influence acquaintance - carry business cards with you. It will be effective in all the above options. Just leave a business card for the guy, especially if the young man did not dare to approach you first, despite all the actions you have taken.
  5. Find an excuse to start a conversation. Here, absolutely any topic is suitable: music in his player, a book he reads, a model of his phone and much more. You can ask his opinion about the topic of the article in your journal, referring to his authority, as men.
  6. Show your helplessness as a woman, ask him for help: close / open the window, help put your things on the top shelf. The main thing that he realized that you need him, in his power.
  7. Show courage - go to the guy who liked you with an innocent question: "Can I cuddle up to you, otherwise I'm afraid of falling?" A young man will certainly appreciate such a brave act if he, of course, is not deprived of a sense of humor. And yes, this option is more suitable for students.
  8. Being in the subway, you can ask about what will be the next station, how to move to another branch? It all depends on your imagination. You can even ask about the year in which the first flight to the Moon took place, who flew first into the Cosmos, or how long the white whales spend their nuptial season with, how long the guinea pigs live. It is important to start a conversation. This will also allow you to assess his sense of humor and what his reaction to the unexpected situation will be.
  9. The original way to meet a guy is to dial sms on your phone, and then let him know that he wrote your phone. Say that this message, it seems to you, was intended for him.
  10. And in conclusion. You can pretend that this is not your first meeting and now you are trying to remember where and under what circumstances you saw each other. This, in addition, will give you information about where he studies, in what company he communicates and even about what his evenings are busy with.

Come up to everything creatively. Remember that your imagination is capable of much, so use it and the sense of humor of that young man that you liked. And you always succeed.

Do not forget that you are a girl, that you are beautiful, and your smile makes you brighter and more charming. Smile more and more often. Remain feminine in all situations. And most importantly, never forget - you can meet a guy even in the most unexpected places. And how to do it is yours and only your choice.