How to persuade her husband to let me go to another city?

Sometimes men put us bans, which absolutely have no logical explanation. And we have to think about how to persuade them to get it. For example, how correctly to persuade
husband let you go to another city?


In order for a man to understand you, you must always clearly argue your arguments. And, there must be many arguments. For example, if a man does not let you go, because he believes that something may happen on the road, you should remember all life situations that happened to your friends, but, of course, only positive direction. For example, explain to a young man that you will go only in a reserved seat and only on the side seat. So, no one will get acquainted with you, and you can not remain with anyone alone. If a young man starts talking about the fact that there may be some kind of fight in the car, and so on, explain to him that there is a conductor who will react, and at least fifty passengers, at least. He does not think that all of them they will sit and watch, waiting for the fight to come to them. If he knows that you like to intercede for the innocent and you have an acute sense of justice, you can even swear by something commodity that you will not become a party to any conflict for anything. Remember that you need to talk with a young man more than once and more than one day. You should gradually bring your husband to the right decision. Do not immediately make scandals, scream and cry. Although resentment is also one of the possible forms of influence, when rational methods do not work. But we'll talk about it later.

If he knows his girlfriend well

If your husband is well acquainted with the person to whom you are going, for example, with your girlfriend who is really honest and not a good person, then you can try to play on it. Tell your partner that if he does not trust you, then he must remember that your friend has always been a model of virtue. Does he allow the possibility that she will allow you to do something stupid? Of course not. Therefore, next to the Neva, you will definitely be completely safe and nothing will happen to you. Your friend can also talk to your husband and assure him that you will not walk through dark lanes and strange bars, get acquainted with men and so on, because she herself is interested in ensuring that with you and with your family life everything was fine . Remind the young man that you were friends with her before your wedding, and it was when she was near the place where nothing bad happened. In general, in every possible way, convince a young person that it is close to your girlfriend that you will be completely safe and he will not have anything to worry about.

Be in touch

Be sure to reassure your husband that in any time of day and night you will be in touch. And when he lets you go, be sure to fulfill your promise, otherwise the next time you do not need to understand the understanding. When you are in another city, always keep the phone to yourself and whenever possible call your husband. Even if you do this a very often, there is nothing wrong with this behavior. On the contrary, bothering him with his calls, you convince a man that they constantly think about him and do not do anything indecent. Let him get tired of your calls better and ask you to call less often, than then you will listen to the tirades of responsibility and accusations that you were engaged in someone else's city than you know. You can send him photos every day, which you have done in a day and retell all the details in detail. Let him know what you are doing there. If your man is afraid to let you go to another city, agree to all his rules. Remember that often the guy is guided by the equality and fear of loss. Therefore, try to always show him that you are ready for good, if only he was sure that you are faithful to him and that everything is fine with you.

Business trip

It should be remembered that a trip to another city can mean not just rest, but also work. Therefore, we will talk a little and about how it is worth to proceed, if a man does not let you into another city on a business trip. In this case, it is worth reminding him that he married not a nanny, but a woman who wants to make a normal career. And this often implies business trips. Tell him that he, as a loving person, wishes you happiness. And one of the components of your happiness is precisely the realization in the realm of career. Therefore, it should not create problems in our way. If the young man does not agree to any and says that you'd better quit your job than go on a business trip, think about what is more important to you. The fact is that by loving a person and trying to understand him, we sometimes refuse to ourselves in very important things and in the end we become simply muffled. Therefore, if your man behaves in this way, perhaps you should insist on your own. In the event that for you a career is really a very important thing, you need to show character. Even if it can lead to parting. The fact is that over time, having lost the opportunity to make a career, you can simply become enraged at your husband, and your love will gradually turn into irritation. You will constantly think that you sacrificed for him too important a thing, and he will never be able to evaluate your assignment. Therefore, if you are sure that you should go on business trips, just state this to your husband and that's it. Let him decide how to treat this situation.


And the last way you can try to convince your husband is offense. It should be used only when no rational method works. In this case, after he once again refuses you on a trip, just take offense. Weep (but do not make everything into hysteria) and tell him that it hurts you. It hurts you because he thinks you are a girl of easy behavior, does not know you at all and does not trust you. Be indignant about his prohibition and say that you did not expect such a relation. You've never even given a reason for a man to compete. So why he allows himself to admit such thoughts. Do not bend the stick and do not make a scandal. You must say "let the tale" and briefly speak, and then go offended. In such a behavior, it's not a bad thing, because you really can be offended. Of course, if all of the above is really true. If it's a lie, then you yourself should think about the fact that, perhaps, you do not need to go somewhere without the control of the mug, so as not to mess things up, which you will later regret.