10 things that men want from a woman

Many women are interested in the question of what a man is looking for in a woman with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life. Men get acquainted, meet and do everything to find their second half. But what qualities should a woman have to be attractive to a man? Perhaps it should be a friend who will enjoy adventure with a man? Or should she be a passionate lover? Maybe a man is looking for the perfect mother for his future children? Or is a man looking for a woman who has the same qualities that his mother possesses? Below are 10 things that men want from a woman.

1. A woman lives an independent life and rejoices at every moment.

For an ideal woman it's important to have your own unique style, she must always have time for family and friends, and also care of herself is also imperative. It's a lover of adventure and travel. The ideal woman knows how to enjoy life, no matter what it is - walk in the park, just a spring sunny day or sweets for dessert.

Any man dreams of a woman who does not set as his goal the search for the groom, does not prioritize a successful marriage, and does not seek the ideal man to live a full life

2. A woman who can be the best friend for a man.

The responsibility of an ideal woman includes helping a man to be at everything on top: to admire his virtues and shortcomings, to rejoice with his successes, to laugh when he jokes. In response, a man should try to give the woman the same signs of attention.

3. A woman should not take the first steps.

A lot of controversy on this topic, however, the majority of men interviewed agree that a woman who claims to be ideal does not need to do anything to get acquainted with a man, because each of them is a hunter in the shower, and he is interested in winning. And so a woman can be sure that she is interesting to a man.

4. No need to put pressure on a man.

Perhaps, one of the most important aspects of the relationship between women and men. Men do not tolerate pressure and restriction of freedom in any manifestation. It is not recommended to bother him with calls a hundred times a day and ask "Where are you?", Avoid questions that concern your joint future, do not shower your man with sms or emails. The best option is to exclude the word marriage from your conversation. Men do not have an ardent love for giving reports or living strictly on schedule, but they love chance and spontaneity.

5. The ideal woman is sexy in moderation.

Any man wants a woman to be sexy, but most men think that in the very first stages of dating a woman should avoid explicit flirting and openly sexual comments. But in more serious stages, more intimacy will be appropriate.

6. For sex, a woman chooses the right time.

It is true that we do not live in the Middle Ages, and nowadays no one is longing for the wedding night to have sex for the first time, but the first intimate affinity is very important for the couple. In spite of this, many women do not realize the importance of this and do not understand how a quick transition to sex can influence the further development of relationships. When a woman is excited, the hormone oxytocin is produced, which, according to some studies, makes a woman even more attractive in the eyes of a man. There is a danger that the relationship will not exist outside of sex life, if the new acquaintance quickly developed into an intimate relationship.

7. A woman will not tolerate male pranks.

The ideal woman will not turn a blind eye to unworthy behavior on the part of the man. A strong gender nurtures respect for those women who do not allow themselves to have intrigues "on the side", because they know what the results for the relationship can be due to this. If a man realizes that such a betrayal is an unforgivable mistake, he will treasure you even more. Women who in principle have no relationship, other than friendly ones, with married men or busy guys, are highly respected by a strong half of humanity.

8. A woman should be attentive to a man.

Men want attention from a woman! A man dreams of a woman who gives him little signs of attention, and they let him know that he is a woman dear. The ideal woman always remembers the addictions of a man, whether it be music, a favorite dish, sweets or something else, she always takes care of his needs and needs.

9. She knows how to choose a real man.

A real ideal woman always knows how to choose a reliable, worthy man who is sincere and honest with her. You should have a lot in common: views on life, cultural level and education, and much more important is the attitude towards money (a frequent reason why couples scandal). Even despite the theory that the opposites are attracted, think many times before you associate your life with a man who is squandering money.

10. The ideal woman knows what it means to really love.

How can a woman know what she really likes? At times, there may come a time when a woman exclaims: "Here it is!", And singling it out from the crowd of other men. But true love is a delightful feeling that the happiness of a loved one is as important as yours.

Of course, this is not all things that men want from a woman. Every man has his own idea of ​​the ideal companion of life. Compliance with all the above points does not guarantee that the man will choose you. You must determine and implement your desires for the ideal woman, and then a happy married life is guaranteed to you.