How to prepare yourself and your body for the birth of your baby

Although the body of a woman was originally created to give birth naturally without problems, at present the psyche of a pregnant woman is constantly attacked by all sorts of fears about the upcoming birth. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, you must have at least a minimum of preliminary training. It's about how to prepare yourself and your body for the birth of the baby, and we'll talk about it below.

What does it include, prenatal training? First of all, finding peace of mind, inner peace, and only then - physical exercises and training. Here are the main points that make up the whole process of preparing the future mother for childbirth.

1. Understanding what the child's birth process is all about, what happens to the body at that moment, what are the stages of childbirth, and how we can help ourselves in them;

2. Change of attitude to pain and fear before it - through informing, partner support, visualization, affirmation and much more.

3. Study of various methods of breathing and postures used during childbirth;

4. Formation of control over muscles involved in childbirth, conscious reduction of vaginal muscles during labor;

5. Ability to rest with your soul and body;

6. Providing favorable and safe conditions for the birth of a baby;

7. Clarification of the birth strategy, drawing up a plan in accordance with the preselected birth scheme of the child.

The most important factor is the mother's attitude to the process of birth. It is important to accept it as it is - without resistance and fear. It is recommended to focus on three main aspects:

- preparing the body for physical changes during pregnancy - specially designed yoga exercises aimed at solving problems such as back pain, curvature of the spine, swelling of the hands and feet, various diseases. They also increase the flexibility of the muscles, help strengthen the bones and debug the hormonal balance system;

- Physical and psychological preparation for childbirth - the development of muscles involved in labor, breathing and other techniques to facilitate the birth process, relaxation and meditation that helps to cope with fear and tension - the main cause of pain in childbirth;

- communication with the child within oneself - concentration and meditation, breathing techniques, prenatal communication, visual effects for meeting with the soul of the unborn child.

Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy

It is very important in this period for a woman to feel herself in harmony with her condition physically and mentally. Regular practice of yoga - postures, breathing techniques and meditation - contribute to a great extent to the physical, emotional and spiritual development of the mother and the developing child in it.

The mental benefits of yoga are very noticeable, especially during these nine months of hypersensitivity, when hormonal and physical changes make women particularly vulnerable. Thanks to the regular practice of yoga, gradually the outlook on life reaches previously unseen dimensions, the repetition of certain mantras calms the mind and promotes the positive development of the child.

Physical training

The complex of exercises for pregnant women includes working with the main muscles of the abdomen, spine, waist, pelvis and perineum. Strengthening the muscles of the abdominal press is not only necessary to carry the child, but also in preparation for the birth of the baby to the light. Correct fixation of the spine is necessary for normal operation of the nervous system and prevention of increased loads on the back. The flexible spine is a preventive measure against curvature, which can occur in some pregnant women. For the pelvic region and perineum, it is especially valuable to be in a "squatting" position. It is in this position that it is best to prepare your body for the birth of the baby.

Psychological training

The psychology and philosophy of yoga can help many future mothers in understanding the experience through which it passes during pregnancy. One of the main goals of yoga is to raise awareness and develop an impartial witness within yourself. The ability to go far and observe from the outside, what happens, through the eyes of a witness, eliminates many fears and tensions.

The purpose of yoga is to find an inner center where it is always quiet, regardless of what happens on the periphery. This creates a sense of self-confidence and opens a window to the inner inexhaustible potential that will be especially necessary for the birth of a child.

Breathing equipment

They are especially important not only because they supply more oxygen to the needs of the physical body of the mother and child, but also help to calm the mind, serve as a powerful tool for eliminating fear and tension, and even helps to fight insomnia.

In addition to harmonizing the two hemispheres of the brain, proper breathing will help your body relax and pay attention inside, thereby helping to listen to your own body. This skill provides a truly natural birth of a child.


Specially created methods of relaxation are an important ally during pregnancy. Using them regularly, you can ensure prenatal communication with your child. Relaxation teaches the body to relax and to abstract from the mind, to be away from anxiety and doubt. You can easily enter the inner space, where it is always quiet and where there is a true epicenter of being.

With the use of visualization and positive affirmation, you can bring the process of birth to the ideal, without pain and overload. This is quite feasible with the correct formulation of the task and a clear implementation of the plan outlined in advance.