How to teach a child to eat healthy food?

All parents want their children to grow up smart, happy, and, most importantly, healthy. There are many ways to grow your child healthy - it's sports, strengthening immunity, hardening, but the basis of the basics lies in proper nutrition. In order for the child himself to learn to choose the right food, a certain atmosphere must be created in the family. A good example for the child is his parents, as well as their support and attention. Parents will be helped by ten basic rules that can instill a child's love for healthy food and useful eating habits.

It is necessary to refuse the ban on certain groups of products

By forbidding the child of certain products, parents are increased by the likelihood of problems with digestion in the child, which in turn can lead to bulimia or anorexia. In addition, this prohibition affects the normal growth and development of a growing organism. Instead of prohibitions, parents should tell the child about the benefits of a healthy diet, also take the child with them often with a purchase and ask him to help in the preparation of healthy food. Every day, the child's enemies should be present fruits, vegetables, cereals, fat-free dairy products and lean meats.

Useful tips are always at hand

Children are arranged so that they eat what lies on the table, and that is why parents should not clean fruits in the refrigerator or on shelves, they should always be in the reach of the child, for example, lying in a vase table. Parents set an example for their children, so in case of a snack, parents should have fruit at their fingertips, for example a banana.

Food for "good" and "bad" is not shared

Instead of this "sharing" you need to draw a parallel between the food, study and hobby of the child. For example, the parents of a beginner boxer need to explain to their child that the protein contained in the milk is the main building material for muscles, and for sure the child will listen to the advice of the parents, and later he will ask his mother to prepare him the right food. Adochurka mum can tell about the benefits of antioxidants contained in vegetables and fruits, which will give the skin a healthy and fresh look and make the hair shiny strong, and in fact all the little princesses dream of long hair, like the Rapunzel.

It is necessary to encourage children to choose healthy food

Parents from time to time should take the child with their own purchases and give him the opportunity to choose healthy food. Or you can turn a campaign into an interesting game: who most (the parent or the child) will choose healthy and healthy food from the store shelf, he also wins. You can encourage the child, for example, to go to the amusement park. And in addition to the fact that the family will store healthy food, it will also receive a charge of positive emotions.

Main, patience

Not always the child will choose healthy food. To this need to be ready. In this situation, you should not scold the child, shout at him, you need to turn his attention to more useful food. Instead of ordering pizza with cheese and smoked turkey at home, you can make pizza with ham, in which the calories will be much smaller. And in case the child wants to have a little day, there must be either sweet fresh berries or dried fruits on the table.

It is impossible to reward a child with food

The child's reward for food can cause problems overhanging in adulthood. Similarly, by rewarding your child in this way of choosing good food, he may have the conviction that the choice of useful food is necessarily encouraged by eating. And in the future, following this belief, your baby and your children will be encouraged to eat. Therefore, as an incentive, you can use a trip to the water park or to the racetrack, and just play with the child in "salochki", because it's so cool!

Traditions above all

The main tradition in many families is a family dinner. Ina by chance. Scientists have found that in families that arrange family dinners three to four times a week, children grow up more cultured, respecting the traditions of their families and subsequently creating stronger families. And of course this tradition develops a habit of eating at the same time, which is one of the main components of a healthy diet. If your tradition does not yet exist, then you must start, and in half a year your family will not be able to do without the evening dinners.

Consult your doctor

This, perhaps, is a very important factor in the translation of a child's food or adjusting its weight. If parents do not have medical education, then diagnosing themselves, for example, obesity, can only harm the child, cause him gastritis and a number of other diseases. It is not easy to go to a healthy diet, it requires patience, gradualness. It is not possible to immediately take and put a child with excess weight on a rigid diet, this process passes gradually, day after day. It is necessary to introduce more and more healthy food into the diet and then everything will develop in the best way.

The kitchen is the place of food distribution, and the mother is the chief cook

Mom in the kitchen is the most important. It is she who must lay out the plates, while observing the optimal portion for the child. This is how the child learns how much food he needs to eat and not eat too much. If, however, adjustments in nutrition and the development of healthy eating habits need to cut portions, then it is best to begin by reducing the size of the dishes.

The child can control his own food

Again, you can apply the game way to adjust the supply by the child. After all, in the process of playing children learn faster and more productive. We need to arrange a kind of tasting. The child needs to serve a few dishes, from which he will cut small pieces and put the marks for each dish on a five-point scale. And when especially useful dishes, for example, vegetable, will get a high score, you need to start to cook them more often, and then the child will have an interest in applying for these dishes for many years.